300 Followers!  What what!!! (Doin’ a dance!)

See, even Gerard Butler's excited! That sexy...crazy hot...uhem, sorry, I'll get back on track.  Now, I have been a total slacker postwise these last few months and yet people read and people followed.  Whether it be from laziness with your unfollow buttons or loyalty, I appreciate your continued attention.  I can promise to pick up … Continue reading 300 Followers!  What what!!! (Doin’ a dance!)

Just Another Apocalypse Diary< Day 16  (Short Story Series)

Here's Day 1 if you'd like to begin at the begining. The head start we gave them by burying Bob worryed me, but there was realy no other choice than to give him a proper funeral.  Thankfully they're moronic pigs and leave food wrappers like breadcrumbs for us to follow. The group doesn't move easily … Continue reading Just Another Apocalypse Diary< Day 16  (Short Story Series)