Self Intimidation

I spent way to much of today in front of my computer. No, not writing. But reading things I wrote years ago.

Things unfinished not because I felt they were subpar, but because I had no idea how to write that well again.

I read the story and don’t recognize my writing. “Damn how did I come up with that dialog?” goes through my head.

I know it might sound a bit like bragging but I assure you my confidence in my writing skills are pretty low.

So, I sit and think what a great story I would like to know how that ends, but don’t feel qualified to continue it. I tried. I put hand to keyboard and _____ .

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I’ll try again tomorrow.  My mantra is  It’s going to be crap. Who cares. Just write it!

Do you have this problem too?



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