CPU Blues

It’s monday, what did I think would happen…

As per my last blogish post, I have been revisiting my old stories on a previous laptop. So I opened my 7yr old Dell this morning and got nothing but a round of 7 alarm clock like beeps. I thought it must just be the battery dead. Nope.

Did some charging and it still won’t respond. So, I looked it up and find that 7 beeps mean the CPU is dead!  *funeral march may commence…

Some of you techies I’m sure are saying “Ah, no problem. Just switch the doodah with the jibblejabble and press K.” Or something to that affect. I don’t know much about the insides of computers. I’ve taken a lot of electronics apart but I’ve never actually fixed one.  Just looked and said “well nothing can be done” and bought another.

I had copied two of my shorter stories onto drafts in wordpress but my longtime work on a 3/4 done book is still on there. I have older versions printed out in my home, but nothing of the last quarter of the book. And that’s a lot of typing.

I will continue trying to figure out a solution. The cause is not lost…i.hope.



  1. Damn, I feel the pain of losing writing, if you take it to a repair shop, they might be able to take the hard drive out and access the data on it. Fairly straight forward I think.
    The CPU isnt a part of the hard drive, so the data should be safe.


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