I am the Computer Revivicator!

Really, That’s my new super hero name. But I only know the one trick.

Ok, I know it’s not that big a deal for some, but for me it was like brain surgery. I love, love, love YouTube and all its great information providing videos!

After a half hour search of the junk drawer and my husband’s messy workbench for teeny tiny tools, I was able to take apart my old laptop quickly by watching a clip. There was minimal blood loss. But I have to say it’s a good thing my Dell is trash because I pulled some wires out that probably did some important stuff. You had to take off the whole keyboard to get to the hard drive.

Then I cracked open the HP laptop I received from my mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago; she bought herself a new one. The HP is also 6 to 8 years old and equipped with windows7, so I was hoping it would be compatible.

Thankfully the HP was much easier to disassemble. Only 2 screws holding a plate and it was out. They were interchangeable or so I read on YouTube comments.

Finally I slid the larger.. hard…drive into the new welcoming slot. The fit was so tight, so perfect, that there was a satisfying click as it reached the end of the crevice. When all the right buttons were pushed… Hallelujah it works!….uhem…Sorry got carried away.

So the screen display is a bit hinky but it works and now I can save my stories.  Phew! and that’s a Monday gone. The kids are home soon (1/2 day Mondays) and there are dishes waiting.

Crisis averted.




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