Camp Underground – Ch10 (Short Story Series)

“Fuck that!” I scream at the Blood Soul creature. He waits for my coughing fit to subside. “You’ll come to like it here. Our pets always come around.”

I’m not anyone’s pet. I lunge at where I last heard his voice.  There is nothing but slimy, wet concrete to catch me. Laughter echoes in the room. It must be a large empty space.  A cave maybe, or a bunker. He abruptly stops laughing and says, “I’ll send someone to come tend to you.” I don’t hear him leave, I can only guess that he has.

Time passes and no one comes. I sit in a crouch and rock by body for comfort. An optimistic voice in my head says Gerard will be here to help me. He will see I’m gone,  put two and two together, and rescue me. He will be here any minute. Any minute now.

I drift back to sleep, then awake to quick echoing footsteps. I open my eyes to better perceive the threat clip-clopping towards me. There is light! a dim blueish glow coming closer. The face of the person is eerily lit and I can’t see actual features, but I can tell it’s a woman. “Hello?” I say, with hope. She doesn’t have the distinctive smell that the Blood Souls do. She must be human.

“Follow me..” Is all she says and spins to leave. I have the feeling she’s not in my rescue party. Not wanting to be left in the dark room any longer, I scramble to my feet and hobble after her.

We weave through a series of tunnels, go up three flights of stairs and enter another confusing series of concrete hallways. All the surfaces down here seem to be concrete. I ask a couple questions, like “Where are we going?, What’s going on?, Who are you?” She answers them all with a firm “SSHHH!!” I get the hint.

Two more stairways and we reach a lit room. The lighting is minimal, but it still hurts my eyes after so long in the smothering dark. I blink to adjust and see that the room has an obviously medical purpose. In my mind, I envision horrible science experiments or maybe torture, “Oh, hell no!” I say under my breath.

With panic, I turn to run from the room. I feel a pinch in my arm. A shot. As I fall I see the woman; a beautiful blonde with a dead expression and a syringe. I’m out before I hit the floor.

I wake up in the center of the medical room. “You’re awake. Don’t pretend otherwise,” says Nurse Ratchet. Now my nose burns even more than my throat does. I must breath only from my mouth. There’s tears on my face that I don’t remember crying. When I pull my arm up to wipe them away, it doesn’t move. I am taped firmly to the table. “You are immobilized for your own protection,” she explains.

“What did you do to me?” I ask, then cross my fingers that she doesn’t say anything that includes the words; probe or inseminate.

“All the women have the procedure done. It makes living here much more pleasant. Your nasal passages have been fully cauterized. It will have to be redone every week. For about three months.” She continues cleaning the room.

“Your human?” I ask. The robotic woman nods yes. “There are many humans living in New Specus with various purposes. Men and women.”

That explained why I couldn’t smell my kidnapper. “So you people just steal poor souls from their beds for these stinky creatures to eat?” I was disgusted with her.

She turns with angry eyes, “We serve the living gods of the underworld. We are their nourishment, their life. I am life to a god.” The Blood Souls were pretty clever propagating this little cult. Willing servant food. Couldn’t get much better for them, I’m sure.

“You have been chosen by the Master God to serve him. He keeps many women, jealousy is rampant in the group. I would advise you to tread carefully.”

“Well they can have at him, I don’t want the job.” She laughs in a thoroughly disturbing manner. “You don’t get to choose, he chooses. He is the Master God.”

“Ahh!” I yell when she yanks the cotton from my nostrils. “Now when you’re in the general public you won’t disrespect a male by reacting to their scent.” I sit up when she cuts me from the table.

“Wait, so aren’t there female Blood Souls?” I ask. With no warning, she smacks me full on the face. I  yell with pain and cradle my cheek. Blood pours from my nose. “What the Fuck!” I scream at her. She smirks at my pain, “Never refer to our masters as anything but divine. For that is what they are, Gods. Got it?”

“Yes.” I say through clenched teeth.

“And to answer your question, No there are no female Gods. Gods are always men, how could you not know that? When the honor is given, we bear their earthly bodies and give our souls to bring them from the heavens. We are their life bearers, in all ways.” Her expression is dreamy, then drops away.

I clean up my bloody face and she throws a ball of clothes at my chest.  Then orders, “Change!” and leaves the room. I hold up a blue wrap around dress that closely resembles a bath towel. It ties at the side and is split up the thigh. On a normal height woman it would’ve been embarrassingly short. On me it’s about the right length. There aren’t many times in my life that I cheer being on the small side, but this is definitely one.

I scan the counters for anything useful. There aren’t even rubber gloves sitting out to steal. I pull all the cupboards; all locked. I check the trash. Nothing there. I’m all ready to sit back on the table and wait when I notice the end of something sticking out of the sinks garbage disposal. I don’t even want to know why a medical room would be equipped with a disposal, but I carefully reach my hand in. It is a retractable scalpel. Deadly sharp. “Yes!” I say, excited that I have something to defend myself with. It tucks undetectable into my cleavage.

I jump when she yanks the exam room door open. “Follow me to your room.” After ten minutes of walking up and down stairs, and turning random corners, I am convinced that the bitch is going in circles just to confuse me. Faint light is coming from the hallway ahead and it turns out to be our destination. The woman unlocks a metal door set in concrete and my spirits sink. There would be no sneaking out while everyone was asleep. I am surprised to see two other women in the room. They play cards by candlelight and turn to stare at the new girl. The robot woman leaves without a word, locking the door behind her.

The wispy blonde on the left speaks up, “I’m Sarah, and this Nadia. She doesn’t talk.” Nadia waves hello and stares at her cards, waiting for the game to continue. Nadia has huge blue eyes, milky skin and jet black hair, the combination is striking. “I’m Penny.”

“You can have the bunk above mine as long as you don’t snore, or piss the bed. It recently became available.” Well that sounds ominous. She gestures across the room, “Six bunks against that wall, three on this wall, on account of the bathroom being on this side. Your lucky, lots of the girls have been asking for this bunk since you’d get bathroom privileges first. It’s like camp.” Nadia snorts, gives Sarah the finger and then a thumbs up. Sarah laughs, “Yep, most fucked up camp I’ve heard of too.”

I sigh in relief, knowing they all aren’t crazy cult people. “So is everyone as pro God’s of the Underworld as the lady who walked me in here or is it just her?”

Nadia twirls her finger by her ear to say that the lady was indeed crazy, and Sarah nods, “That’s Betty. She’s one to watch out for. I don’t know exactly what the males are, maybe they’re some kind of underworld creatures, but they’re sure as hell not my god.”

I hear women laughing and the clatter of footsteps getting louder. Sarah leans close to me, “Play along, because a lot of the girls are believers and they will turn you in for blaspheme.” I notice Nadia look away with a haunted expression . “You don’t want that.” Sarah warned. I got the gist.


More to come…



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