Dinner Party: Bring Your Own Blood Ch11 (Short Story Series)

It’s been two days since they locked me in the bunkroom. That’s what the women call it. I can’t stop thinking of it as a cell. The dark and gloom gets to me, especially when I’m in the room alone. I don’t have my own light and sometimes when I’m feeling my way to the bathroom,  I swear there is a creature’s breath on my neck.

I miss my sense of smell. Especially as I eat. The food is tasteless with the texture of oatmeal. But at least they feed me. Also, I’ve found out that the flashlights and candles are given to the women as gifts from the “gods”. Ingenious way to keep them in line.

Spiders are everywhere. They crawl on me at night, keeping me from a deep sleep. Well, the spiders are one reason, the other is the ongoing rotation of shifts. A guard comes to the door and barks out a list of names. Like he’s putting in a kitchen order. Basically he is.

Everyone but Sarah and Nadine shun me. I attempted to introduce myself to each one of them and every time they acted like I wasn’t there. Sarah says they’re just following Gloria. The Gloria who glares at me in jealousy is the blonde bouncy cheerleader type. It amazes me that even in an underground cult there are clicks and groupies. I’ve had a lifetime of learning how to ignore these types. I don’t plan to stick around and get pulled into the bullshit. They are the least of my worries.

I’m trying to sleep again when the guard clicks the door open, then shouts “Cindy, April, Heather, Sarah, Nadine, and Penny! The other women shuffle to the door while I sit on my bed freaking out. Sarah comes and tugs on my dress to get me to follow. “They’ll beat you if you don’t come.” She whispers. I stand and almost fall back down. I knew this time would come, but I don’t know what will happen and it’s terrifying. We join the group at the door and the guard does a heel click and military turn. We follow.

I check my weapon about a thousand times by patting my chest. It gives me comfort. The way is all the same; dark tunnels and metal stairs. We pass a couple of guards who look to the ceiling and put their backs to the wall as we go by.  I’m guessing this is to show respect for the Blood Soul’s property. Meaning us.

The guard pauses in the hall and presses a button. Elevator doors open with a ding and we pile in. I’m almost positive we exceed the weight limit. There are no numbers on the top of the door to indicate how many floors are passed, only an up and down arrow. No stops. The bell dings once more and the guard leads us out, through a door, and into the night.

The blessed moonlight washes everything in a blue tinge, but I can see clearer than I have in three days. A mild breeze caresses my face, cool and beautiful. Then I notice the grouping of men in our high walled courtyard.

There’s roughly a dozen males lounging on elegant couches and chairs; laughing and talking with each other. Some are dressed extravagantly, and others only partially. Obviously there is no dress code for this dinner party. It’s like a painting I once saw of a Roman affair. We are quiet until they see fit to notice our presence. The head throne chair is occupied by a large, black-haired, man. I hear him laugh at a joke and I am sure, this is the man who creeped into my room.

He is my monster in the darkness but he doesn’t look how I expect. Even without knowing what a horrible creature he is, I wouldn’t trust that exceptionally attractive face.  I can remember the smell. That sickening odor of rotting meat.

The chief’s eyes lock on my face and he rises from his chair. The room hushes and now everyone is staring at me like I grew another head. I look to Sarah and Nadine nervously, they pretend to look at the ground in deference to the chief who approaches, but steal wide-eyed glances at me. I’m guessing that my eyes are supposed to be glued to the tile floor also, but that isn’t going to happen. Not with this asshole.

He says nothing of my impudence. Swiftly he takes my hand and lifts it gently towards his face. I pull back to keep my fingers from the jagged teeth I know lurk behind his perfect lips. It has no effect on his grip. He places a kiss softly on my skin and let’s go. I fall back at the sudden release of pressure. In an invisible move he catches me and sets me back on my feet. People continue to watch with fascination. I am pushed with a cool hand at my back to sit on a stool beside his throne. Like a good doggie. I sit, it is the lesser of many humiliations I can think of.

Conversation starts again. The other women sit between two males, their arms extended upward to make feeding easier for the Blood Souls. They lick only the small droplets that escape naturally after a tooth prick. There is no danger of someone being bled to death. I’m feel slightly better. I wonder at my role at the table. It would seem that I was here to feed the chief, but he isn’t asking. I’m sure as hell not going to offer.

There are hours of discussion in a language I ‘m sure no human knows and I am bored. Relaxing, I lean back and notice a stack of small flashlights under the chief’s chair. To be doled out for good behavior, no doubt. I sneak one and tuck it up between my legs. I’ve never been so happy for thick thighs. I sit smug in my accomplishment when I notice two males are gesturing to me while fiercely arguing a point. Chief shakes his head and harshly bites back in his language. End of discussion apparently.

Several Blood Souls get up and leave the party. A short burly one with no shirt and entirely too much chest hair tries to drag Cindy along with him, but is stopped by his friends. Probably couldn’t be trusted to feed alone. Wouldn’t want to lose control and take too much soul. Thinking on crazy soul junkies brought Gerard fresh to my mind. When is he going to get here. The only plan I can come up with involves me being here for a long time and gaining trust. I really don’t want to have to do the things that gain trust around here.



More to Come…….



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