Unrequited Cuddles Ch12 (Short Story Series)

“Aawkwarrrrd.” I say under my breath. I can’t help but break the strange silence that has fallen over the group. The last five males at the table snap their attention to me, scowling. I hear a faint giggle come from Sarah’s bowed head. I fight not to smile in return and instead pay unneeded attention to the wrinkles in my dress. A beachy blonde type stands and comes towards me with his hand raised. I’m going to get beat. I roll off of my stool to avoid being hit, and wait for his next attack.

I’m surprised to see the surfer guy fly across the courtyard to strike the concrete wall. He slides down into a slump and lies still; probably not dead. “What!” I say to no one in particular.

Chief stands, straightens his suit vest, and declares “No one touches Penny. She’s my personal pet. If a lesson needs teaching, I will do it.”

Before I can protest, he latches onto my arm and pulls me from the party. I am dragged through a door on the opposite wall from where we entered. “Where are we going?” I ask and pull away from him. It does no good.

“You’ve no idea when to keep your mouth shut, do you?” He says through clenched teeth.

“I’ve been told it’s a problem I have. I ramble, it’s a nervous habi..” He shakes me vigorously. “Shut your mouth woman.” I firmly press my lips together and don’t say another word. So when the flashlight tumbles from between my thighs to clatter on the hall floor, it’s like a shot echoing. I scrunch my face and look to the heavens, praying that I get out of this situation alive or at least with minimal pain before death.

Chief picks it up and hauls me through a doorway, then slams the door behind us. I am pushed against the wall. In the dark once more. “You dare to steal from me?” He asks. The tone is more amused, then angry. It worries me.

“You had a whole pile of them and I didn’t think you’d miss it… I was just going to borrow it… I would’ve put it back.” I am released from his hold and do a mental jig that he believes my atrocious lies.

Then I am screaming as I fly across the room. Which is doubly terrifying when you can see nothing. Something like hurtling through space. I bounce and land on a large mattress. My stomach drops, “Don’t do that!” I yell at him. His arms are around me before I know it. I claw my way to the edge of the bed. “Relax Penny.” he tells me. “No fucking way!” I pull at his arms and kick at his shins. His attempt to spoon me is repulsive. My legs are pinned under one of his large thighs. “I hope your suit wrinkles, now let me go.” He chuckles at my comment, “I’m not going to harm you. I only plan to hold you here, to get used to my presence. Gentle you, like a horse.”

My mouth gapes open, “I’m not a horse!” I lie still because I have little choice and he seems to be content with unrequited cuddling. “Just so you know, people don’t like being equated to animals.” He pats my head, “Shh..I don’t care.”

“Right. Forgot. So what’s the end game here, Chief?” I ask, truly curious.

Pushing himself against my ass, “I could show you the end game.” I move away from him, “No! Thanks anyway.”

I hear that same laugh and he says, “I didn’t think so. And my English name is Aaron, not Chief.  Now be quiet. Relax.”

“Says the spider to the fly.” I mumble quietly.

If feels like we are lying there for hours, I don’t have any way to tell though. Finally a break in the silence comes with a knock at the door. “Master God?” is called.

“I think it’s for you”, I say. He covers my mouth with his hand. I elbow his side, with little effect. As punishment he covers my nose as well.  “Be a good girl.” He says. I nod, and get to breathe again.

“Enter!” He yells at the door.

A blue light held by a guard comes to the bedside. “Sir, there is a Slayer and a police officer at the compound gate with a search warrant. What should we do?”

I am doing mental somersaults of happiness, Gerard has pulled through for me. I’m not sure why he involved the police but as long as I escape, I do not care.

Chief Aaron’s voice holds ice-cold anger, “Take her quickly to the bunks and seal the ward. When everything is hidden, let them in. Serve the bastards Tea. Everyone is to be on their best human behavior!” He puts the flashlight in my hand and propels me out into the hall along with the guard. “GO!”  Chief Aaron walks briskly in the other direction.

Naturally, I begin resisting. I pull against the guards grip, but he continues to gain ground towards the bunkroom. I must stay out. They will hide us in the tunnels and Gerard will never find me. I’m not going to blow my chance. The guard lifts a fist to stop my fight, “Ah, Ah, Ah. I wouldn’t do that. I’m Master God’s personal pet. No touchy remember.” It sickens me to say it, but it works and he puts his hand down. He pushes the button for the elevator and I latch on to the edges of the doors. My grip only holds for a minute. We are going back down to the tunnels.

The elevator rattles and I begin to cry dramatically, like I’ve given up on life. I flop in a corner, dejected. “Fine you win, I guess this is my place now. I will serve the gods.” I may be a shitty liar but I was an excellent actress. My guard says nothing but he does look at me and nod with a soft expression. Like he saying, good girl. The elevator dings and he tries to pull me again, “I can walk on my own, give me a little dignity please. I’ll follow, I know my place is to walk behind a man.” I fight a gag at the last line.

He begins walking down the first of many flights of stairs to the lower levels. I wait a second before following, then make a run and a leap at his back; feet first. My plan works beautifully, he tumbles down the staircase and doesn’t get back up. Unfortunately, I land hip first on a step and my leg is going numb. I turn on my flashlight and  hop back to the elevator. Going up. I check again for my scalpel. It calms me.

Now I just need to escape.


More to come…..







  1. There is a fight coming, There is a fight coming, There is a fight coming, There is a fight coming, There is a fight coming.
    Oh, this is going to be good. I can’t wait.
    Love how mouthy and sarcastic she is even when being held captive and won’t take crap from anyone

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That would actually be awesome.
        With the type of person Penny is there is always room for sacrcasm even in the most horrible of circumstances.
        writing on the phone isnt always easy, i wrote half my book on y phone, but it doesnt show.

        Also love the new pic on your circle thing

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey it would get me out of having to come up with anymore story. Ive been feeling the midstory urge to hop to something else But I am persisting. LoL
        Thank you about the pic. She’s a crazy old broad I know.


      3. Old? Are you kidding? No chance!

        yeah i know what you mean anout the mid story lull its hard to keep going at times but if you push through the dip you should find it starts coming easier, thats what happens with me anyway.
        if you want any help or suggestions id be happy to help all you need to do is ask

        Liked by 1 person

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