What They’re Missing

My family drove 10 hours on Friday to visit family and came right back on Sunday; 10 hours. During the daylight shift of the trip I enjoyed looking around and peeping at people in thier cars (no, I wasn’t driving). It’s endless fun guessing facts about someone’s life. I report the more interesting folks to my husband, for example, I may shout “MAN BUN”, “Tiny Grandma” or “Look at how close to the wheel she is!”

Anyway, during my peeping I noticed that at least 80% of people riding in the passenger seat were doing nothing but staring at their phones. Some of the drivers were as well. Very scary.

I would consider this extremely rude. Wouldn’t you? A car ride is an excellent chance to see new and sometimes bizzare things, like snapshots of a storyline your not a part of.

 You may chat about ideas and subjects your normally too busy for. It’s a captive audience, go for it. Don’t throw away a perfect chance to know somebody better.

Because we’re a little strange my family enjoys silly sit down dance parties, to burn some energy. The stares are the best part. 

I’m just saying that even if you don’t enjoy the company of those in the car with you, don’t close yourselves off to all the neat things you may see out that window.

Also, fire ants suck! They’re rude and have invaded my home and pantry. 

There’s my rant. It’s monday 


  1. In a bid to keep occupied (so as not to ruin my bedtime reading) I thought I’d read some more of your poems only to stumble across ‘rants’.
    Oh well, some folk have the patience of a chess player I guess. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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