A Penny Saved – Ch13  (Violent Short Story Series)

My finger pauses over the up button when I hear a ding that warns me of the elevator’s opening doors. I hide around a corner and take my scalpel from its hiding spot. A guard exits followed by Cindy, Sarah, and Nadine. I peek at them slowly. The three pass without noticing my presence, only Nadine looks straight at me. I lean against the wall to get the weight from my hip.

She is smart, quick and silent. Sneaking over to me she holds out a hand to ask for the weapon. I hand it over without a second thought and she returns to the guard. Jumping on his back, she slides it smoothly across his neck. Quick and vicious.

Riding him to the ground, she wipes the blood from her hand and calmly walks back to me. Sarah catches up to her and holds her hand.

Cindy is a screaming ball of horrified tears. She begins repeating, “The God’s won’t be pleased.” over and over. She is no use to our escape.

Sarah helps support my leg and tells me, “He’s one of the men who held her down while they punished her.” I shake my head in understanding.

I ask while in the elevator, “Were there any other women who wanted to escape?” They both shake their head no.

“Have any brilliant ideas?” Sarah asks. It’s my turn to shake my head. I have no clue where we are geographically or what the layout of the compound is. Nadine tugs on Sarah’s dress and we both follow her across the courtyard and into a side door. There are buffet tables and chairs stacked against the walls then another set of swinging doors. Nadine peeks over the door’s window edge and slowly pushes one open. We creep forward into the restaurant sized kitchen and upon finding it empty,  rush to grab large knives. I return the scalpel to its safe place and grip a hefty chopping knife.

I look at Sarah and Nadine and tell them, “You have to take off the head, set them in daylight, or they’re not dead. Got it?” They nod and we walk to the door that leads farther into the compound. My flashlight is dimmer than I would like, but it’s better than the smothering dark. We check a few doors, and all are empty guest rooms with no other outlets. Dead ends.

I open a door and immediately I’m yelled at, “Who dares enter without knocking, come here!” the man yells. I think to slam it and run, but know that with my leg and the Blood Souls speed, I wouldn’t make it two feet. I enter and come towards the bed. Sarah and Nadine follow behind me. I tuck my knife behind my back.

“Yes, my God. We are three lost women. We were supposed to go to the bunkhouse but the guard left us and we don’t know our way. There are intruders and we’re so afraid. Maybe we could lay with you until the danger has passed? You could keep us safe?”

My light shows his face and I see that it’s the shirtless brute who attempted to carry off Cindy earlier. He reaches for my hand but hesitates, and points to Sarah. “Her, She can lie with me. You are off-limits. Watch me and I will show you the best way to please our Master. Sarah smiles at me wide-eyed as she walks up to the large bed and lies down. He immediately begins nuzzling her and feeding. I look for something large to clobber him with as I did the frenzied one Gerard fought. There is nothing near, I lift my knife and try to figure out the best area to hit when I see Nadine move past and embed her knife to the hilt into the Blood Soul’s spine. He gasps with pain but can not move. Sarah is pulled from under his hairy bulk. Nadine pulls a finger across his throat, stating that we need to finish him. I agree that he didn’t seem the type to forgive and forget. With a fist full of hair, I pull back his head and Nadine gets a little more revenge. Taking a head is so much harder than the movies make it look. I thank crazy Betty for the fact that I cannot smell the black clumpy mess that falls from his body. The Blood Souls are filled with disgusting muck. Not as messy as blood at least.

We move on solemnly, five more rooms are empty, then we come to a great room that is lit by candlelight. There are voices coming from our left. We walk towards the light and sound, there is a door being guarded by two Blood Souls.

I cut my hand deep enough for it to drip blood, I look to the other two and they understand that I’m bait. I hobble around the corner and call to them softly, “Help…help..” I fall back behind the corner. A beefy guy with a full beard comes to investigate. He bends over me and licks the blood from my hand. He is so enthralled by the large meal, that he doesn’t hear Sarah come from behind and stab him in the spine. Only she misses the sweet middle spot and it causes him to spasticly kick and flop on the floor.

I am freaking out, looking to Sarah like “What now?” when his buddy at the door decides to see whats going on. Sarah hides again and I pull Mustache man into my arms like I’m cradling him. “It was too much, he took too much!” I cried to the bookish newcomer.  He too leans down, checking on his friend. Nadine strikes, her aim is dead on and he drops beside me, paralyzed. Sarah leans forward and whispers, “let’s just leave these guys here. They weren’t ever mean to us and I don’t want to hack another dudes head off unless I have to.” I let out a breath of relief. I wasn’t looking forward to the beheading either.

The doors that the two Blood Souls were guarding are unlocked and I slowly crack one open to spy on whomever is in the room. Of all the people I expect to see sitting on a love seat with Gerard, it was not Bruce. He balances a dainty tea cup and saucer in a hand while he chats with Chief Aaron, like he was here to sell cookies.

Aaron stands and gestures to the door, “You’ve had your look around and we are always happy to help out the authorities, but it’s getting late and I need my beauty sleep. I helps with my condition, you see.” Bruce and Gerard both stand and I rush forward tumbling through the doors, “Nooo!” I scream. ”

Aaron looks surprised, hurt, then angry in the span of a glance. I crawl forward and pull myself up with an armchair. Bruce hurries to my side and helps me stand. In a flash, Aaron has Sarah in his arms and his sharp nail is against her jugular. “You stay with me, Penny. I will let this one go and never bother them again if you stay. Just stay, Penny.” It was like he was pleading with me to pick him, he holds the life of my friend in his hands and he expects me to choose him. I cannot fathom how messed up his psyche is. But what choice do I have?
 More to Come….



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