3 Day Quote Challenge 

I have been lucky enough to be nominated by Scottishlegend.wordpress.com to post a quote a day for three days. So Thank You to the Scottish Legend. Now,  I’m supposed to nominate three others but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I still want to participate and so I will. Because as I say, “I do as I like.” No that’s not my quote. I chose, 

“Be pitiful (kind), for every man (person) is fighting a hard battle you know nothing of.”     

I mean, if more people in the world thought of the probable struggles of others then there would be so much more understanding and in turn less hate. Less racism, less crime.

 I’m not saying that everytime some one is in a rush and cuts you off that he’s got a good reason. But just maybe he’s rushing to say goodbye to his dying mother for the last time, or rushing to his job that stands between homelessness and having a roof over his family. You just never know. 

Kindness is easy and makes you feel so nice. Hating a person takes way too much energy and time. It’s a horrible prickly, pinching emotion, I would rather do without. 

So in other words don’t be too quick to get upset with someone, they might have had a much shitier day. 


  1. Damn Kira that’s a great quote and the explanation is spot on and honestly not something I had considered before. You have actually made me think about how I’ll respond to this in the future. I knew you would come up with something great. Looking forward to the next one.

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