Quote Challenge Day 2

So if you missed yesterday’s quote intro, I have been nominated by Scottishlegend.wordpress.com to participate in a 3 day quote challenge. I’m not doing it exactly right, but when do I ever. If you’re interested in participating and challenging your own friends, please visit the above link to see the Scottish Legend himself. There’s great steamy stories and few chapters of an exciting new book to see also.

Anywho, I chose this quote because it speaks to how I view the survival of my childhood. I am stronger for going through what I have and smarter to the evils of some. I would not be caught in the same trap twice. Now, I’m not with out my triggers, but we all have them and I don’t let them effect my life. Allowing my past to effect my life, would be a slippery slope I may never climb out of. I have seen first hand what can come of it. So all I’m saying is, don’t let other people’s actions drag you down. It’s not your fault it happened so why continue to punish yourself. Stay free.


  1. I love this quote, it is so simple yet deeply profound. it is true and from what you’ve said it seems youve been through some hard times and have come out much stronger for it.
    i know i dont know you in person but im so proud of you for that and you should feel proud of yourself as well. i can see why you chose this quote.

    Also thank you so much for the promo for my stories and my blog it means a lot to me. i wish i could give you a hug right now

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