Quote Challenge Day 3 

Thank you for reading my post on this 3rd day of a quote challenge. I have been asked to participate by Scottishlegend.wordpress.com. So please feel free to check out his site and read some great stories. If you would like to self-nominate please go to the Scottish Legend’s site to participate. 

“The secret of happiness is low expectations.” 

This quote is something I’ve been saying and trying to live by for years. I think it’s great advice for those who cause themselves undue grief by expecting too much from themselves, others, or life in general. 

Now I’m a pretty low-key person. I don’t set high goals, hell I don’t set goals at all anymore. Not to say setting goals is a bad thing, but for me it does nothing but provide anxiety and heavy guilt if I fail to achieve. So I like to go through life in more of a flow. I do what gives me happiness and accomplish what I do, when I want. This obviously doesn’t apply to dishes or laundry, because then my family would be living in a dirty hovel. I do have drive and accomplish things, I just don’t beat myself up about the when and how anymore. I am happier for it.

Also, there are great friends that I love and cherish, I just don’t have high expectations of them. If I did, we might not be friends anymore and that would be a shame. I need to keep the friends I have, I’m socially inept. It may seem a bit sad to some, but my husband and mother are the only people that I feel comfortable having high expectations of. 

Im not saying that this motto would work for everyone, but it does for me. 

Being just good enough, is good enough, if it makes you happy. 

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