Selfish Needs (Poem)

Dry, tight lips curled up at the tips. Eyes of cold impassivity, wicked sharp teeth. Fetid, thick cloud of smothering stench. Rotted, pocked tongue peeking out for a taste. Hunger, a riding voracious lust, screaming for flesh of the tender red sorts. Fear driven, scrambling, mistaken creatures; trapped and cornered, nearing capture. Falling against living, … Continue reading Selfish Needs (Poem)


In the Arms of a Ninja (#Halloween2016) Short Story

I wrote this short story for a Halloween Event held by if you want to check out some more fun and chilling stories and poems, give that link a click!  If you dare...    Muahahaha!   With my cowboy hat tipped and spurs spinning, I watch as a masked ninja shadows an oblivious group of teenage … Continue reading In the Arms of a Ninja (#Halloween2016) Short Story