To Curse or Not To Curse

That is the question.

I am jamming all the chapters of my Penny Redlin series into a book form that I’m going to rewrite, add to, or something. – Here’s the first chapter, if your interested.  Karma is Electric – Ch1 (Violent story w/rough language)

And as the link above says, there is some salty language therein. My question is how much do publishers and other non-blog sites care that there is bad language. I could change it all to be PG13 but really, in the first chapter  (spoiler alert) there is a violent almost rape and then defensive killing. I mean would it really change my audience to cut out the foul language. Yeah your kids shouldn’t be reading it. I don’t feel I over use the words. They’re just sprinkled in for a spicy sentence sandwich. As Spongebob calls them, sentence enhancers. Please, let me know your opinions????






  1. Just read the first chapter. I love the narrator’s voice and total lack of remorse! Love her vocabulary too, which is so much a part of her voice. No idea about publishers, but I’m good with the language.

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  2. Not read the chapter yet (only just woken up – I will of course). I think you have to kind of dream the scenario and imagine what language would take place in real-time rather than picturing as an episode of Coronation Street or some such other trite bollocks! I feel your pain as I’ve had the same problem with my story. How do I play the foul language? I initially had the C word appear on only a couple of occasions, but edited them out. The F word still appears occasionally along with a few more minor swear words as I didn’t want to detract from the realism of language used during that time. Whether that now makes it unsuitable for younger readers I have no idea, but I had no target audience in mind when I began. I’d say, given the theme of yours, dropping the language would make it seem less realistic


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