Pluck Me (Poem)

Firmly bound, snug and tight.

Anticipating, a sting so slight.

Warming, acending pain to its peak.

Agonizing beauty there to seek.

Wayward floating petals of grace.

Grounded, pinned, made complete again.



  1. Poetry is a niche I’ve never properly managed to slip into. I did used to write them under the moniker/alter ego Edwin Saxton, but they were stupid. Like really daft. A chance for me to get in touch with my insane side. I might have to give it a go sometime

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      1. I just Googled the wretch, as I was unfamiliar. It is beautifully written, of course. I would never be able to pull one of those out of my brain. I actually never wrote a poem before the ones on here. I just decided to try one day as a fun challenge.

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      1. From beginning to end. Whether or not you intended it to sound that way when you were done, it still did. More so, when read aloud.

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      1. you i’ll tell you :p
        this is a very rough idea but here it is

        Eric is an officer in the police, he works as a homicide detective and has done for five years, when he turned twenty-five his life was changed forever, after the death of his mother he inherited the family business, Hunting.
        His mother was killed in a car accident, and he never thought that it would change him so drastically. Losing a parent is hard enough, but after her death, he started to see things that he never could before; bringing new light to the vicious murders that he investigates.

        In our world, there is a violent sub-culture that is warring against humanity looking to make their way back to the top of the food chain and reclaim their place at the top.
        Because what the world doesn’t know is that the Dinosaurs never went extinct, the evolved and now they are missing a come back to be on top

        Only Eric and a few others like him can stand in their way, and they know it, they will stop at nothing to destroy The Slayers

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      2. I hear that! But if something is book length, it’s almost a given that you’ll get bored some time. I know I do. Not stopping when it gets to that point is something I’m trying to work on right now.

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