Attention Please (Poem)


Are you so busy as to let me go unnoticed?

What excuses are you to use or task deemed more important?

How can you blindly walk on by, no notice to my dazzling colors?

Why wait for a special day for us to play, laugh, and discover?

My voice can be quiet as a whisper or ear shattering if I want.

I am tiny, I am immense, I am unique in my force.

Go on, ignore my song and dance, those beautiful scents and flowers.

You only lift your head and see when my anger destroys and devours.

Maybe if you took better care of me, I wouldn’t have these fits of rage.

Just tell me I look pretty and fight to keep it that way.


The picture is one of mine that I did with chalk. It started as a tree and became this half tree/half big booty woman. Lol   I’ll call her a tree deity. 



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