Up and At Em          (#Halloween2016)


I stand as I was born; in a field keening.

Naked and cool as the snake in my grip.

A guttural chant flows from my ruby lips.


I will tiptoe among the grassy heads peeking.

Merrily skip past gnarled hands reaching.

Pause to cherish the delicate low moaning.

Like flowers in a garden, all of my own.


A twist of my wrist and sacrifice is committed.

Darkness encroaches as they gather to bow.

Eaten, infested, mealy smiles.


A wild upheaval of spirit and mind.

One last chant, one more bind.

Samhain at last is truthfully here.

I will show them that I should be feared…

 I wrote this for a fun Halloween event on  thecrackedlensview.wordpress.com

If your interested in reading more chilling Halloween stories from other talented writers push on that link above and check it out!


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