In the Arms of a Ninja (#Halloween2016) Short Story

I wrote this short story for a Halloween Event held by if you want to check out some more fun and chilling stories and poems, give that link a click!  If you dare…    Muahahaha!


With my cowboy hat tipped and spurs spinning, I watch as a masked ninja shadows an oblivious group of teenage girls. The dark costume hides him from most people’s attention. But not mine.

Three of the teens are dressed inappropriately for their age. A sexy nurse, a sexy witch; I scoff at the sight of the sexy devil. Only one humble mummy girl stands out from the pack. She is unsure of herself, as girls of her age can be.

The chilling fall breeze threatens to snatch the hat from my head. I hold it in place and smile at the innocent children that skip past. Youth eager for candy and a harmless scare. As Halloween should be.

The farther the girls walk from the safety of the suburban neighborhood, the more ominous the night becomes. They go to meet fate, with a plan they think of as harmless fun. The woods bend jagged arms over their path, giving warning. I see that no streetlights shine on the road. They should be wary of the darkness but naivety numbs their survival instincts.

Unaware of their escorts or any impending danger, they giggle and gesture with typical teenage enthusiasm. The man cloaked in black holds all his focus on the actions of the girls; not wanting them to slip away. 

A cruel joke is made and they laugh loudly at Mummy’s expense. In shame she hangs her head and turns to go. Sexy Nurse and Sexy Devil link an arm on each side and direct her along with the group. 

“It’s a joke, we didn’t mean it.” I hear one say. Mummy girl smiles at their obvious manipulation, agreeing to stay. I grimace at her lack of self esteem. 

Sexy Witch unexpectedly veers off into the gloom of the trees, coyly motioning for the rest to follow. We all do.

It’s eerie in the forest, calm except for the frigid breeze that rattles the branches. I favor this kind of night.

“Get her!” shouts Sexy Witch and they attack Mummy. Brutally beating and kicking her until she curls up whimpering on the damp ground. They stop only when their leader holds up a hand and shrieks, “Enough!”

“Pick the skank up.We’ll let her know what happens to girls who try and steal my man.” Sexy Witch says coolly. The Nurse and Devil follow orders. Mummy girl shakes her head, “What! No! I didn’t, he talked to me!” They don’t care to listen, slapping her for the annoyance. She goes silent, except for a few escaped sobs.

I see the Ninja, standing in the open, intently watching the horror scene unfold.

The girls notice no one but their prey, tying her to a tree with her mummy wraps. Stripped of a costume, she shivers bare in the Autumn moonlight. Pristine white skin almost glowing amidst the murkiness of the forest.

Sexy Nurse wields her scalpel, fully in character for her Halloween trick. Each teen slowly carves their initials into the girls stomach; like she was a tree. Blood streams down her pale torso and gleams wetly. Her screams are muffled with a wrap, I can barely hear them past the girls cackling laughs and taunts.

We walk up to the gruesome scene, the ninja and I. All evidence has been given.

Ninja swiftly unties the trembling, barely conscious mummy. “This one is mine,” he says.

I tip my hat in agreement. Watching, as gossamer angel wings sprout from his back and he takes the mutilated girl away .

Turning to the three dumbfounded teens, I smile, “That means you go with me!” A snap of my fingers and I show them just how unsexy a Devil can be.


Happy Halloween!




  1. This is very good, Kira. And I find it reassuring that the devil has hat issues on a windy evening. I liked the twist of the prey (or 3/4’s of them) being…unprey like before payback. That strong moral undercurrent of yours bubbling back to the surface. Top effort 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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