FUBAR Dream I had (True)

I sit looking around the theater seated college class. It’s evidently a medical class as there is a doctor teaching. He’s the actor, Ken Jeong. (Most people would know him as the naked guy that jumps from the trunk in the movie Hangover.)

There are about four other students in the class but only one in the top row with me, a brown haired woman; plain. Flashing her a smile, I get nothing in return. We both look back down at the Dr.

A fluttering in my stomach makes me smile. Tiny gas bubbles that always remind me of the feeling of when there was a child growing there. I put my hand to my abdomen out of habit, even thought I know there will be no kick. But there is!..

Looking down, I pull up my shirt and see a six inch long something sloshing under my skin. The flesh of my stomach is now stretched and loose, I can easily see the form of a large headed doll. It begins to play a music box tune and repeat “Momma? Momma?” in a high sweet voice.

The mechanical walking motion it is doing is going to cause so much damage, I think to myself.  “How did it even get in there?” Then I get a flash of a vague dream memory; I had swallowed it. How was I going to get it out?

I clumped the doll and what skin I could hold in my hands and pulled it away from my body. The feeling of its plastic arms and legs scraping at my insides was spiraling my terror. I had to get it away from me. I pulled out, closed my eyes and thought very clearly, “I don’t want this in me anymore!”

Then poof! It wasn’t.

Throwing the doll to another row of seats, I tried to find how it could have possibly come out. The only solution that I could come up with was that had broken through my C-section scar. I quickly checked my lower stomach and found a seat belt (???) tightly pulled against my scar. When I pulled the belt away a river of my blood just poured and gurgled down my legs. I attempted to hold it in with my hands but it seeped past my fingers. I finally pulled the seatbelt back down tight and slowed the blood flow considerably. Desperately, I called to the girl next to me. “Help me, tell the teacher, I’m bleeding to death!” My loudest wasn’t loud enough and I had to repeat it again before she slowly fetched the teacher.

By the time he sauntered up the stairs to see me, I looked like someone dumped a bucket of sticky blood in my lap.

“What’s wrong?” he asks in a bored voice.

“I’m bleeding to death!, there was a doll and.. I don’t know..just help!”

He sighed and tried to put his hand up my skirt saying, “turn your head and cough.”

“Fuck off and take me to a hospital!”, I pushed his hand away.

With an eye roll, he stood and pulled at my arm. “Come on walk with me to the nurses station.”

“Are you kidding me right now! I. Will. Bleed. To. Death.” The tears ran from my face and splashed into the puddle in my lap. I looked around the room, hoping that someone would come and help. the fear of my impending death was so strong, I wanted to vomit. Everyone in the class just stared with black shadowed eyes. Then I noticed that the once white classroom was now splattered with blood; floor to ceiling.

I screamed as loud as my dream state would allow and finally woke up.

It was two a.m. and I didn’t go to sleep again that night. I kept feeling the sapping, sickly fear of death and when I closed my eyes, I would see my classmates with their bloody, morphing faces.

Not sure why it was set in college, I’ve only ever taken one class. Also the doll thing was so messed up. I have my kids, no baby drama, and I’m all done with baby making in general. It was just weird.


    1. I practice lucid dreaming, so usually I can achieve a certain amount of awareness. There was a point in the dream when I realized it must be a dream, but I couldn’t break out of it so then I figured it was real and that freaked me out even more. 😨
      I’m not sure what triggered it, I regularly have messed up dreams, they just don’t usually scare me.

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      1. All my dreams are odd. I’m a bit odd myself, I’m sure.
        Usually I’m the badass, slashing zombie throats and saving the day. I’ve read that It has to do with lack of control over life. Or some such dribble. Lol

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      2. Dream interpretation is up there with astrology and other such bollocks! The subconscious controls dreams. There’s no disputing that. It could be an amalgamation of a million different things you’ve seen in your life. There are people who’ll try and make money off anything these days

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  1. Rofl@fuckoffandtakemetothehospital 😂 lil comedic relief (for me anyway) from an otherwise terrifying dream yikes! Mine are either apocalyptic or memories…fubar indeed lady lol.
    However…astrology and dream interpretation…bollocks huh. Why? Jw…bc I always thought so too til a few months ago. Now I’m wondering if maybe everything is a little bit true…why CANT science and “mythology” both be right? Maybe it’s all the same story told in diff languages…
    Just sayin.
    Btw I’m here looking for your old nursing stories you told me about lol. Straight struggling thru the WP app sorry. Xoxo

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      1. Rofl probably. Derp. I’m sorry haha but I mean I still got into some great short stories here so…win! lol I’m on the app and never know wtf I’m doin…xoxo

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