Thank you everyone for hanging in there with me these three months and reading my writings and ramblings. It means so much!

Thank you to my bloggy buddies that are so supportive and helpful. I’ve found that WP folk are for the most part kind, generous, creative geniuses.

I didn’t really expect to make it to a hundred but I’m thrilled that I get a chance to show my creations to so many. It sure beats letting them rot away on my computer. 

I’m glad to be able to bring you entertainment in whatever form. πŸ˜†

 πŸ’š – Kira

To celebrate, I’m posting this picture that my husband took of a praying mantis. At work, he was driving a loader and saw this little guy perched on a part of the bucket, staring at him. Everytime hubby raised the bucket his antenna would go straight up, when he went down so did they. Lol 

He eventually scampered off, safe and sound after his battle with the giant machine.

 Just wanted to share.  Have an awesome day! 😊



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