Washing it Away (Poem)

When the staring moon births shadows like the sun, I watch for you. 

Drop that cape of murky intent to the sand, our journey begs your full attention. 

Beckoning glances entice you along the salty path of ruination. 

One step at a time I become your conciousness, your everything to crave.

Our dark precipice is met, side by side we enjoy tranquility. 

Shoved from the sheer cliff with your eyes searching mine; no pity is found.

This tide is yours to ride, expore it’s depths alone 

No longer scorned, betrayed, revenge washes pain from my soul.

Skipping away, I sing my song of freedom and something more.

Person Standing on the Edge of a Chalk Cliff Photographic Print by Sam Abell. 



      1. Same here. I though it was in the offing. But perhaps they’re too perfectly matched for it to happen because the rumour is her and another character now (I won’t say in case you still haven’t caught up)

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