Daily Prompt: Filthy. Play Time

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Play Time

Satiny smooth under rough fingers, handfuls of warm mound

Forbidding the activity makes it that much sweeter.

Pat firmly to illicit a soft smacking pop.

Wetness that clings and slides in its form. 

Jostled and jiggled into the position desired. 

Lovingly caressed into a dirty gift of nature.

I speak of mud pies you filthy minded people!  



      1. I didn’t play with mud as such, but I’d often come home covered in it. Especially if I’d been playing footie with my mates. I was fond of a good old fashioned sliding tackle when the grass was nice and wet

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      2. Manchester is famous for its rain. It’s literally rained everyday this week here. The dry spells are very short, but the media still go mental saying there’s going to be droughts and all sorts. Gotta love sensationalism

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      3. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that his comments are all bullshit and that under it all he’s a decent person. I know, it’s stupid but what else can you do. I’m sure as hell not standing in the middle of the highway, to bitch about something that is inevitable. uh rant over, lol

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  1. OMG Kira, I think my head was in the mud… For a while I was like… “Why don’t I see Kira in my Reader… Must just be unlucky, since I don’t have to go scrolling back too much these days…. And visiting today, I just happened to notice WP had not acknowledge my hot on the “follow” button! Dang!!

    But here I am, better late than never lol

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