Mixed Wildling Ch !8! (Short Story Series)

Vikki felt something tapping away at her skull. A bird maybe?, she thought while coming out of her dream. Then there was a “Psst..Psst!” and more tapping. Now awake, she opened her eyes and softly gasped. Seth’s face came into view instantly, because he was hovering over the bed. She then realized that she was sprawled on Gunter like he was a body pillow. Seth whispered, “Why?” and then held out his hands to indicate them being in the same bed.

“I was cold, he gave me his blankets and I didn’t want him freezing to death.” she said softly. Seth lifted a brow and asked, “Does he know your here?”. Vikki turned her head left to right once. With an anxious expression he ran his hands through his hair, then quickly whispered “Get out of there!” He gestured wildly for her to get up.

As smoothly and quietly as she could, Vikki rolled off Gunter’s barrel chest. Pausing after every squeak of the cot.  Just as she was going to sit up and get away, a large tanned arm reached out and pulled her in again. He snuggled her back to his chest and tucked his face into her neck. “Mmm..”

Seth smacked his palm to his forehead and sighed. With wide eyes, she mouthed “Help me.” Which struck Seth as hilarious, so he went outside to laugh as loudly as he liked.

“Great.” Vikki whispered. She looked around the room trying to find something to help. No crane to be found. That’s what she figured it would take to get the big guy off her and not get caught in his bed. She knew it was a possibility that he would get angry finding her there, but it didn’t seem like such a bad idea last night.

Vikki lay quietly and listened to the birds outside. Thinking about it, she decided it was comforting being held in a sweet man’s arms. Although she felt like a weirdo creeper for enjoying it when he wasn’t even aware she was there. Relaxed and waiting, she hoped he would move away on his own. Gunter moved, but it was to bring her closer; tight against his body.

Vikki squeaked and flushed red with embarrassment when a very male morning symptom began nudging her from behind.  She scrunched up her eyes and tried to move away from it.

“No, No, No!” She heard, then was yanked off the cot by Seth, blankets and all. He looked outraged. She made it to her feet as Gunter awoke thoroughly confused. “What’d you do that for Seth!” he looked at Vikki and back to Seth, wanting answers. She looked away in shame and scurried back to her room. Seth messed his hair again, “Um..we just don’t want you to get used to sleeping in. Do something about that thing will you!” he said and tossed a balled up blanket at Gunter’s crotch. “Ooff! You’re a jerk sometimes Seth.” He called after him, but he’d already gone outside.

With the bedroom door closed Vikki sat down and tried to calm the burn in her cheeks. She’d never had the chance to experience anything like that before. The sexual implications of cuddling with a man in bed never crossed her mind when she’d crawled in with him last night. What a mistake.

She dressed and came out of her room to find the men gone. There was a note that said “Gone Hunting. Stay inside, don’t answer the door. -Seth”

“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.” she said as she smacked herself in the side of the head. Today was looking to be a pretty boring one, she thought and dug around in a drawer where she had seen a pack of cards.


Seth and Gunter walked in silence to the mountain ridge to look for game.

“What was that this morning Seth? Why’d you seem so pissed? You usually sleep in later than I do, so don’t try to sell that lie again.” Gunter pulled him to a stop and waited for a good answer.

“Alright, alright. Last night, you gave your blankets to Vikki, correct?” Gunter nodded yes. “Okay well, she felt bad and didn’t want you to be cold, so she slept in the cot with you all night.” Gunter’s made a sound like he’d choked on a grape, then asked “What? Why would she do that? How did I not wake up? What?…”

Seth patted him on the arm, “It didn’t really bother me. But then I came back inside and you were humping on her like a puppy with a pillow, so it got me a bit riled.”

“I did that?” Gunter asked with wonder and disbelief in his tone. Sam nodded and smiled, “Yup. You know you’re more of a ladies man than you realize.”.

“Oh man, how am I supposed to face her after doing that!” He sounded mortified and disgusted with himself so Seth tried to clear it up for him.

“Gunter, she crawled in bed with you. If she didn’t like something all she had to do was say “Boo” and you would have woke up and stopped it. She couldn’t and wouldn’t blame you for doing something perfectly natural in your sleep. Don’t dwell on it okay?”

“I’ll try, but it’s gonna to be real awkward now.”

Seth laughed, “Man, it was awkward between you two before, I don’t even know what to call it now. Just act like you don’t know. It will put both of you more at ease.”

Gunter walked on, “Good idea.”

When they arrived back at the cabin, it was spotless. They called out to the other room for Vikki but she didn’t answer. Seth knocked softly at her door but when there was no answer, he opened it. She wasn’t there, he quickly checked under the bed.  “She’s gone!” he said to Gunter who’d hung back in the main room.

Gunter cleared his throat, “I found something, it smells like Vikki.” He pointed to a box behind the wood stove. Seth walked over and peeked inside. There was an animal that looked similar to a wolf but had the tiny stature of a fox curled up inside it. It had to be Vikki. He petted her head and scratched behind her ears until she woke up. Immediately the small ball of fur climbed his arm and snuffled his head. She then leaped over to Gunter’s shoulder and tickled his ear with her smooth black nose.

“Aw isn’t that sweet, I think she likes you.” Seth teased and Gunter gave a glare as his answer. 

Seth studied her a moment,”She’s smaller than I would have guessed for being part wildling. Her fur color is unique, but snow white with red streaks isn’t the best camouflage in the forest.”

Gunter stroked her back gently and she gave a chirpy purr, “She’s beautiful…” he said softly.

 More to come….








      1. Let’s not get into ‘no, you’re better than I am’ argument. Haha. You’d definitely sell books if you got published. You should look into it. I’d buy multiple copies to give you a boost and share with my friends πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just feel it’s a shame to come up with ideas and then eventually forget them so I try to make notes. I’ve even part written an Assassin’s Creed synopsis that I may work on one day (though I’d no doubt have to get the permission of Ubisoft first)

        Liked by 1 person

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