Just Another Apocalypse Diary: Day 3 (Short Story Series)

Ugh! I’m a cranky bitch when I’m tired. A plaguer came up to give me a hug and nibble this morning and I just stabbed him in the head. Didn’t even think on it. I plain ol’ didn’t have the patience to dodge him. Problem was, the hilt of my knife bottomed out in the assholes head and it splattered back at me. Now there’s icky brown goo on my newly scavenged fleece. Just got it this morning and already its stained with shit sauce. Ugh!

It’s no wonder I’m a bit testy, didn’t get out of that big Pine till sometime close to dawn. So there was no sleep to be had, I’ve got a migraine, and my left hand smells like monkey butt.

Dawn slowly brightened the horizon but the heavy fog wasn’t willing to let it shine through. It helped shadow my movement through town, but did nothing for my foul mood. I spotted a corner gas station and popped in to look for some pain killers and a map. It was a hellacious mess. I found a travel size packet of pills under some crushed corn chips but no map; fucking GPS. 

The tourist pamphlet rack was untouched so I picked up one that said “Big Sur: One of the unsung wonders of the world”. I don’t really have much else to do, so I’m going to check it out after a quick nap in this over decorated mansion. Barricaded in a closet, I wait for the meds to kick in and my heartbeat to stop sounding like a bass drum in my head. 


I cut my hair off. Like military short. I’m not gonna lie, there were some tears when I saw my reflection. My ashy brown curls are gone and I look like a man, not cute like Tinkerbell. Which was the point, but it still stings. It probably didn’t help that I glued some of the hair bits to my upper lip using eyelash adhesive. The lady who lived in this house had an industrial sized bottle of the stuff. Some preppers stored food, she obviously kept make-up.

Also, both of my lady lumps are strapped down and I could easily pass for a man. The curves disappeared from my body months ago, replaced by lean muscle. I was a tubby thing before the outbreak and now I look like I could be on the cover of fitness magazine. Shitty bit is that there’s no one to show off to.

I’m just hoping that this will keep some of the creepers off my tail. A lone man traveling is much less interesting than a lone woman. It’s the way of the world now.

It looks like there are a lot of hills, so it will be a long hike. I don’t think I’ll cover more than eight miles with the daylight that’s left but to look on the bright side, I could be trudging through snow right now. There is a huge horde of plaguers that are hanging out and patrolling Highway 1. Walking along the highway would be the best way not to get lost, but it also is the easiest way of getting overrun. My trip will have to be as the crow flies, damn I could really use a map for this.

——– ———-

I stopped for the night. The hike was boring, and uneventful. Its just ridge after ridge. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous scenery but there are so many bushes and I constantly feel like I’m going the wrong direction. 

Oh yeah, a random cat is following me. For an hour, I kept hearing something behind me. I imagined it was a mountain lion stalking me or an especially sneaky plaguer, but it was this black speckled cat.  I yelled at it and threw a stick but it keeps following. Hopefully it gets side tracked and moves on by morning. Stupid cat.

My dinner was a can of chicken noodle soup and the thing kept staring. I had to give it a couple pieces of chicken to get it to leave me alone. She ate it, then sat across from me and started to clean herself. I know she’s a female, because of the leg sprawled butt cleaning that took place while I ate. They have no sense of propriety. I know, your probably thinking I’m a grouch for not loving cats, but I have never met a cat I liked. They are self important, have little use in the world and most hate me.  I don’t know what brain damage this one has, to want to follow me around. Probably dropped on her head as a kitten.

I keep having to stomp down these stupid feelings of hope. Hope that maybe there will be a decent group of people living somewhere out here. A group that isn’t evil or hard and would be willing to bring in a woman like me. A woman who’s a little evil and hard. Its so difficult to trust people. They hide all the psycho shit you need to know until it’s too late. I haven’t searched out any company because every time I give someone the benefit of the doubt, they spit in my face. And that was before…before every choice was life or death. I just don’t think I have it in me.  And now this stupid cat.

Talk to you tomorrow, here’s hoping it’s awesome and I have one less tag-along.

 More to come….

 A great blogging writer, Paul E. Bailey has created a sister story to my ApocalypseDiary. It’s written in a different style and in a different place but these stories share time and Zombie population. Please give this awesome story a read and continue to follow the characters adventures! Thank you.😊 

 Picture credit goes to http://www.hikinginbigsur.com



  1. Liking the shave of head, use hair as ‘stache, tape down tits thing after what went down on day two. Loving that you followed that up with this extreme, but necessary reaction from πŸ˜‰ Fucking cats! That’s all I’ve got to say on that! Probably another few days before chapter two of Apocalypse Story is up as I’m still working on chapter two (busy weekend; I won’t go into detail), plus the final chapter of Dead End is coming up tomorrow too

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Im glad you liked it. Im probably not going to be posting again till Thanksgiving madness is over.
      I’ll be sure to read your stories when they come up, I’m curious to see how dead end is going to end. ☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is getting good, ill be reading the other parts soon, i love the whole part with the cat. i have two of them and you nailed them perfectly.

    they whole changing appearance is a great idea.
    I had a thought when reading it, probably because ive been working on it so much lately let me know if you agree, if you changed zombies to aliens this character would fit perfectly along with the book i wrote. she has the smarts and is definitely tough enough to give Sam a run for his money. i can just see her running into him and kate along the road kicking his ass and leaving
    Just a random thought i had when reading this. well done again

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I still think that she would win, he wouldnt be able to attack her and wouldnt but She would be so nervous seeing them so she would boot him in the nuts and run. that would actually be a funny thing to happen,

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Im thinking just after they have the fight with the three guys in the trees, but yeah it would be totaly random and probably not fit, i might use it in the sequal as a comedy moment, They are walking in the woods ramdom woman comes out, freaking out, they try to calm her down and boom, kick to the baws and she runs off

        Liked by 1 person

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