Daily Prompt: Elicit Wandering Minds (Poem)

via Daily Prompt: Elicit

Wandering Minds

Daydreams push to the front of my mind.

I sit back and escape to a new dimension.

Adventures sweeping past that elicit throaty whispers or strokes of genius.

Let flighty minds roam, they are the core of creation; bouncing vivaciously.

Keep it all shameless, unfettered, and gloriously free.

Dream on love, it’s your only hope of evading normal and boring.



Picture is credited Aimee Stewart : Daydreaming 



      1. I don’t even think adulting is the problem. It’s the fact that people are too busy bellyaching over shit! Normally stuff completely beyond the realms of their control. Fuck it I say. Let the crap you can’t control happen. Have some laughs.

        Oh, I’m getting somewhere towards the end of chapter two. I’ll post it as soon as it’s ready rather than wait for my preordained ‘blog day’

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      2. People who complain over crap they WON’T change need to go away and stay at least a couple of miles away from me at all times.

        Last chapter of Dead End today. I was doing my pre-posting plugging on Facebook and Twitter last night. Hopefully chapter two of Apocalypse Story will be along in the next couple of days

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