Keep it to Yourself and Wash your Damn Hands

I don’t know how many of you noticed but I’ve been post free for a few days due to a stomach bug someone generously shared with my family for Thanksgiving.

I’m working back into writing and catching up on posts and housework. I’m sure there’s going to be more stretches of silence from me but just know, like the terminator, “I’ll be Back!” Haha

I hoped to get Christmas decorating done before the children reverted the house to hell-hole status, but I missed my chance. Ah well.

Now comes the Christmas shopping, blek. I’m tempted to wrap some of the toys they already have and see if they notice. Haha jk

Anywho, I hope those who celebrated Thanksgiving had a happy drama-less day and I want to wish everyone who reads this a great holiday season for whatever you celebrate! 😃
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  1. Awww… I had not noticed, being pretty much offline myself, with a manly cold. I hope you get better soon!

    I see that the stomach incident didn’t affect your sense of humor! I really like the idea of wrapping toys you already have at home!! LOOOL I bet you could get away with some!!

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    1. Im through it mostly now, able to think again.
      With my 6 yr old, it may be a possibility to trick him. My older girl, no way. When they get older it is sooo much harder and expensive to find presents. She wants some kind of music switchboard that hooks to her ipad and I have no clue. Hahaha

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      1. LOL I don’t have that kind of problem with my baby…. Anything smelling of catnip will do the trick! And I could wrap any of her toys and give it to her a second time without any problem… and like the first time, she’d only play with the box anyway! LOL

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