Night Howls Ch1 (Short Story)

The smack of each droplet is the only sound Trish can hear. Each ruby stain only a strides width apart. Warm stickiness flowing from her body at an impossible rate. Keeping the count of each tiny beat of blood as it runs from the hand holding her scalp in place, down and off her elbow, … Continue reading Night Howls Ch1 (Short Story)


Just Another Apocalypse Diary Day ☆6☆           (Short Story Series)

Had a nice chat today with the eclectic old man I mentioned seeing in the woods the other day. Surprisingly named Bob. I introduced myself as Gabe, I decided to stick to using a male name. Usually I give my nickname Gabby, because Gabriella is just too much.  Bob was fearless, he straight up knocked … Continue reading Just Another Apocalypse Diary Day ☆6☆           (Short Story Series)

Daily Prompt: Conundrum-                    Momma’s Conundrum (Short Story)

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum I am responsible for the beings I brought into this world. I'm the single parent of three teenage boys, a task I carried out with joy, until today. My eldest, Dave called sometime before dawn and in a shaky tear filled voice, informed me that they had killed a man. It … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conundrum-                    Momma’s Conundrum (Short Story)

Just Another Apocalypse Diary~ Day 5        (Short Story Series)

It's like the fucking twilight zone in Big Sur. There are survivors casually sipping coffee at small table sets and the general store has its door propped wide open, gleaming glass intact. There are no signs of looting or the apocalypse at all. Sunshine and chirping birds put the cherry on top of the eerie … Continue reading Just Another Apocalypse Diary~ Day 5        (Short Story Series)

Daily Prompt: Flee          “F” That. (Poem)

 Daily Prompt: Flee Feral feuds formed from former friendships; fervently fazed. Freedom's frightened flight, fences forced for fear. Fat flames feasting from fallen faithful flesh. Famined faces, fallowed fields, fortune's firmly forgotten. Forsake flippant fools flouting filthy flair; foul fantasy.  Flee from fawning flocks. Forever fight for fair folks forging facile, frank, facts.  Now read … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Flee          “F” That. (Poem)