Phone Rant #2 Childhood Ignored

So in the past two days, I have been to two different Christmas recital/plays and I was appalled at the number of people staring at their phones. Before the show it was roughly 75% of the crowd, just ignoring the family sitting with them in their row. I had a peek at some of the screens around me and they were FB and candy crush type games. Really!!

It was disgusting. They’re not sitting alone at a doctor’s office or alone at a meal. They are literally surrounded by family. Have a chat!

Then when the shows started and all the cute kiddies trotted up on stage, I figured the phones would be put into camera mode or put down. Nope!

The lady next to me scrolled through FB the entire performance! I came close to nudging her and telling her “The show’s up there!” What’s sadder is she wasn’t the only one in the crowd. Why would you come to the play if you weren’t going to be there to meet your child’s eyes as they searched for you in the crowd. I’m sure they’ve seen more than enough of the top of your head.

So I’m hoping for this to be an eye opener to those going to family functions or other get togethers… Sitting on your phone while there are people to talk to is fucking rude dude!

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