Night Howls Ch 4 (Short Story Series)

Trish crumbled to the floor, not knowing what her next move should be. She didn’t want to sell her home and move into town, her dad built the place with his own two hands.  Logan kneeled at her side and pulled her into a firm hug. Rubbing her back, hushing her sobs, murmuring soft words that would bring little comfort. She didn’t know exactly what was going on but she was sure it would require an open mind and a damn good explanation.

Later, clutching a whiskey and sitting cuddled on the lobby’s sofa, Trish was told about the Two Feathers lycan pack.

Logan began with “We are considered werewolves, there’s a lot of different types of shifters in the world, but we shift into wolves.” She smirked at how silly it sounded, but let Logan continue uninterrupted. “We keep our race and other shifters a secret by erasing our existence from people’s minds. It doesn’t hurt them. We can also heal with our blood. Another reason we stay hidden. If the public found out our blood reversed cell damage, it would mean the end of us as a people.”

Trish thought for a minute, then asked “Why didn’t you just erase the whole night from my mind?” He sighed, “That’s one of the reasons that were having this conversation. Trish, I gave you too much of my blood. It’s sort of a rule that you don’t give a human too much, because their DNA gets rewritten with Lycan DNA. You are part werewolf now.” He looked downright serious when he said it, but Trish laughed and giggled for a few minutes. She just couldn’t see how he could be serious, it was ridiculous to think that werewolves were real.

“Come serious.” She said smiling, waiting for the joke to be over.

Logan ignored her skepticism and went on, “There’s also the fact that you seem to be nearing a mating cycle, and it can have some effect on your personality and sex drive. We didn’t want to let you get caught off guard.”

“I’m sorry, but I need proof about the whole wolf thing.” she said firmly, definitely ready for the prank to be over.

Grant sighed, locked the office door, closed all the shades and went into the storage room. Ten seconds later, a scratching came from the door and Tate let him out. It was a giant wolf, she couldn’t believe it. Trish wanted to get up and check the room to see if Grant was hiding but she didn’t dare come closer to the wolf. The guys figured out what she was thinking and told the wolf, “Your going to have to change in front of her. She still doesn’t believe you.” The wolf whined then blurred like an object that’s vibrating at high-speed, then stopped. There was Grant in all his glory. Tate threw him a pillow and he backed into the store-room to dress.

“Oh my god..oh my god!…This is insane, I’m insane! Werewolves are real. And now I’m part werewolf, how it that even…” She trailed off and into deep thought, the men waited patiently for her to process it all.

Finally she jerked her head up asking,”So I’m going to become some kind of sex addict once a month?” Trish asked with a disgusted sneer. To her it sounded like something out of a cheesy paranormal erotica story. Tate grimaced, shrugged one shoulder, then said “yeah kinda..” It’s like having the sex drive of a sixteen year old again, for one week”. She gave a relieved smiled, “Oh I’ll be okay then, I wasn’t even thinking about sex at that age.”

Grant butted in, “He means the drive of a sixteen year old boy. It’s pretty bad. You know, just to warn you.”

Tate added from beside her, “The only difference is that the person you fantasize about will actually want you back. It’s a pheromone thing.”

Trish buried her face in her hands, “Is there some kind of box I can lock myself in?” Grant hissed a breath in between his teeth and said, “I wouldn’t recommend it, If you do nothing about your needs, you can go a little crazy. It’s better to just give in to it.” She gave him a sideways glance and shook her head, “I’m not screwing random people just to scratch some primordial itch! Put me in the box!”

Logan stood and put his hands out, “Woah, woah, woah before we lock anybody in a box for a week, let me just remind everyone that we don’t know if she’s going to even have any symptoms at all. We could be freaking out over nothing.” She turned a sharp eye to Logan and an uncharacteristically sarcastic rant erupted, “Well! Thank you Logan for pointing that out.” She whipped her head around to look at the other men’s faces. They each had identical, “Oh shit, ya done it now.” expressions. She went on, “Okay, so were just going to wait and see if I become a raging slut? Hmm.. sound okay with everyone? Yeah, I don’t think so! What if I’m at the library and it hits and bam I’m doing old Mr Fischer behind the circulation desk. No worries, it’s just my self-respect and reputation!” The tears came next, flowing freely down her face. “I can’t do this.” she whispered.

Logan hugged her again, “Your not alone in this, Trish. If you’d like, you can stay at our camp. We’ve got an extra guest room and you’ll be safe there. Also, our sister is visiting and maybe she can explain it all better than we can.”

What other choice do I have.

More to come…



      1. I don’t know. Like I said, I originally was going to make it an erotica or romance but now, I’m not sure if I have the guts to put it out there even if I can write a good sex scene. Haha
        Maybe it will have a plot twist and I’ll just have her turn into some aberration of a werewolf and murder everyone. We’ll see.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There’s ways of recycling water I suppose. And the rumour still persists of underground water on Mars. However, you will never hear me argue that humans simply don’t deserve to spread their shit onto other celestial bodies. We deserve to go extinct right here where we ruined everything and I’m sure we likely will before we get the chance to reside anywhere else en masse

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