In the dark.

Sure even strides on a frigid night, one after another. 

A fearful thought niggles; one that grows to bother. 

Hot breath tickled neck; one hair raising shiver.

Spin and search the vast black depths; one shadow creeping nearer.

A face takes shape, one red eye blinks, then the other.

Heart thumping wildly; one plea emerges only a stutter.

Adrenaline fueled race; one scream filled with terror.

 Claws dragging through skin; one low growl of pleasure.

Jagged teeth, nuzzled throat, one last cry to smother. 

Blood soaked monster feeds, one ear perks at the fear of a runner…

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    1. Funny enough..I didn’t even realize that! I just reread it and it does sound semi-erotic. lol
      I didn’t mean to, I thought I was writing it creepy and dark. Ah well, I kinda like that its a bit sexy and scary. 🙂


  1. Just realized I didn’t even answer the question, sorry bout that. Um..I like to make stories about thinks that go bump in the night. Maybe because I was terrified of the dark for so long or because they’re the most badass! Haha


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