Boots        (Poem)

My boots won’t shine up how they used to.

Worn away like the innocent grin I wore on my face then. 

Torn, with holes and over used; twin to my heart since you refused to see my love. 

They lean in and keep me off balance, no support left to hold me steady. 

There are aches that grow with every step and remind me that life is about pain, never easy.

But these boots are the set I’ve been given, there is no replacement for them in any store. 

I just wish I could shine them up once more, pretend and remember when I was yours. 

I wish it was possible. Is it?

Art is painted by Paul Wright



      1. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you have the ability to intensely create just as you have the ability to intensely write free form. If I could give any advice, it would be to write and write some more. And especially write what you think is too much, too silly / dark / weird. Half the time that’s the wonderful stuff.

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  1. Now you’re just showing off, woman! We all know you’re better than everybody else. No need to go constantly proving it 😉 But seriously, this is really, really good. I’m in awe of how talented and good with words you are

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