It’s a Gamble (Flash Fiction)


I strip another sliver of fingernail off and spit it on the filthy casino carpet. My last fiver goes to the house and the lead ball in my stomach grows.  “Shit!” I utter under my breath, it was my last chance to win it all back.

I just need a lucky break, a little time to get the odds back in my favor. Five hours until my deadline is strangling me in a dark back alley.

“Fuck!” I say a bit louder, and shift my eyes over to the security guard that is weaving through the tables towards me. He almost looks giddy at the thought of a little action. With his size, you can bet your ass I’m not giving him any kind of trouble tonight.

“Sir. I’m going to have to ask you to calm down or leave. I can’t have you cursing in front of the other patrons.” I raise an eyebrow, “Realy.. The lady next to me screamed “Fuck Yeah!” every time she won a damn dollar and no one’s said a thing to her.”

“Are you leaving or am I making you leave.” I guess that decides that.  I sigh, “Alright, Musclebob Bossypants, I’m outa chedda anyways, I’m going. Okay. “

The asshat stands there and waits while I carefully wrap my lucky monopoly car in a handkerchief and tuck it in my breast pocket. He then follows me all the way to the door, causing every uppity fucker in the place to stare like I’m a felon on his way to prison.

“This place is shit!” I yell back into the casino once I’m standing safely outside and the doors are slowly closing. The security guard turns like he’s going to come after me, but then only shakes his head and gives me the finger.

I walk down the street towards a seedier establishment where I might be able to run another line of credit. 

Then I see her.  Beautiful blonde hair, a banging body gloved in a gleaming white sequined dress with a matching purse, passed out cold on a bus bench.  Was I going to be that kind of man?  It is life or death though…she won’t even miss it. Look at the perfect bitch.

I nonchalantly sit next to her and slide my hand in her tiny purse. I push aside a lipstick, a condom, and finally get my hand on some cash. I pull it out to see how much and slump in disappointment. Five dollars, “Damn!”  But it’s something.  I’ve come back from worse, I can make this into enough to save my neck.  I’m a master gambler and I can make this five dollars into a fortune.

The casino across the street calls to me. I havn’t won anything there lately, so logistically, I’m due for a jackpot.

As is my custom, I go to the fifth machine I see. I slide blondie’s five dollars in and carefully place the Monopoly car atop the machine. Next, I stretch my back and  gently pull the lever on the nickel slot. I wage a glorious battle until I make it up to twenty dollars. Cashing out there, I move to the dollar machine, and so on, for three hours. I go into the black and the waitresses bring around drinks, I drop into the red and they miraculously vanish. I wonder if they learn that skill on the job or if it’s actually part of the training.

Then, it happens. “I hit the Jackpot!” I yell as the slot goes crazy with lights and sound, the grandest feeling in the world. Better than screwing, and smoking crack combined. I am saved! Twenty thousand to the thugs in an hour and I’ll triple the rest tomorrow night. I ask for the twenty grand in cash, they’re hesitant to give it to me but I put up a fuss and the beady eyed manager caves.

Rubbing my eyes in the harsh morning light, I wait for them to adjust and begin to walk east with a fat envelope under my arm. My loan shark’s barber business is conveniently right off the strip and I plan on getting it over with quickly. From across the street, I see him unlocking his door and I wave. He gives me a strange look and goes back to opening shop. “Rude motherfucker.” I say under my breath and cross the street.

I didn’t even see it… 

I hear a man’s voice yelling, “Damn! That bus made him fly! He still alive? No way he’s still alive.” 

Then quiet and dark for a second.. I hear the voice again.. 

“What’s this?… Gah damn! Finders keepers bitch!”



Picture is from YouTube/Sound Effects



  1. That was a twisty little beast. When he approached the blonde, I thought he’d be doing something…ahem…but that’s my dark mind. Then the knowledge with the loan shark…and then the ending! Oh my. It all happens so quick, poor guy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, if you will go leaving your lucky monopoly car on the top of slot machines…
    Cracking story Kira, really enjoyed it and am too much of a gentleman to mention the euphemism at the beginning of paragraph ten.
    I recently read a story, written in the first person where the tension was missing because you knew they were going to escape. They should read your stuff for how to finish with a flourish. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh goodness that is funny! 😂
      Thank you for the laugh and the read.
      See what I mean, I never saw that before and it was completely unintentional.
      Yes, busses and alien worms are easy story enders. Me being lazy really. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. No, no, as a writer always claim the credit. 🙂 It’s the way the bus, the worm (and the shot gun) are discharged by the author. And never admit to being lazy, readers want you to sweat blood (and, while we’re on the subject, tape worms) for their enjoyment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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