Liberation             (Poem)

The whisper that your skin makes as it moves along mine is like a gasp of breath before a sigh. 

Your lips tenderly tickle my throat, melt away fears, crumble control.

Indulgent lust pulls from down deep, until I am inside out and quivering with need.

Instinct driven moment of bliss, panting echoed by a passionate kiss; everything ceasing to be, but this.

A hurried liberation of my soul and conjoining of our bodies leaves me, pliable and whimpering with every pull. 

You rip away harshly, I slip silently down, my life drips from your teeth to the ground.

Picture is from pintrist.



      1. Always! You deserve it. It is a wonderfully sensual piece. It’s a good thing you’re floating around my blog, I always try to keep up with the people who follow me and you reminded me. I’ll read more when my morning hits😴

        Liked by 1 person

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