10 Hour Car Ride- Through the Tempest

Again, this weekend my family drove up the west coast of California to visit family and lo and behold, mother nature decided right then was the time to give them all the water they’ve been craving. It was a harrowing ordeal and I spent most of it with a death grip on my door handle, thankful that I didn’t have to drive.  We passed thirteen wrecked cars and accidents (already helped or being helped; were not monsters!) and almost ended up in the median a couple of times ourselves. There was a car on its roof, a couple teetering on the median, and the rest were just plain ol’ smashed up. The cops were even piloting groups of cars down the highway to keep the idiot drivers who think they’re invincible and would never hydroplane, at a safe speed.

So anyway, I took some artsy fartsy landscapes (all from the car window as we passed) and thought I’d share. Not the most exciting pictures I took this weekend, but the others I can’t show to the public.

wp-1485185049536.jpgThis is along I5. The clouds were low and so beautiful. This picture really doesn’t do it justice.wp-1485185092157.jpgThose little black spots are moo cows enjoying some insanely vibrant green grass.wp-1485185002578.jpgThis was just before the grapevine, the sun decided to peek out for five minutes of beautiful loveliness. wp-1485185152618.jpgI think this was Gonzales??? Who knows, I thought it was pretty though.

wp-1485185201293.jpgRain and a field. Ok .

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. 🎶 Southbound on I-5, windows down and music on the stereo, I’m drivin’ and I’m dreamin’… 🎶 … oh sorry, got distracted when you mentioned I-5 LOL! I imagine a lot of people in CA can’t handle driving in the rain since it’s not as common an occurrence out that way as it is other places… I’m still trying to reacclimate to the idea of driving on ice 😳

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    1. Lol!
      Yes many idiots zooming past us like it was a dry sunny day. It was a doozy of a storm with high winds, blinding rain and fog thrown in. Like I said, I’m glad I wasn’t driving.
      Ice is a scary thing, you usually don’t see it till too late. Safe winter driving to you!

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      1. My entire driveway has been a 2 in thick sheet of ice the past couple of weeks! It’s slowly starting to melt, but now it’s wet ice making it all the more slippery to even walk on.. at least our truck has 4wheel drive!! Eesh

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  2. Glad to hear you are okay! It’s always scary being caught in danger in like that, especially when driving. I would’ve been a mix of scared like hell and vaguely turned on.

    Love the pictures. I wish I was over there exploring. I miss travel.

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      1. There was beauty in the dried fields, but it was sad what it meant for the farms in the area. There were mostly funny pictures. I am going for partial anonymity, so the family ones don’t get posted. ☺


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