Gracefully           (Poem)

Go on and turn your face to the sky,

let the sun feel dim; out done.

Twirl in your joy, dance wild in this moment.

Flash your brilliant, contagious grin.

Unfurl that beauty that spills from your eyes.

Flooding love into those nearby.

A life filled with clarity and freedom.

The dreams you set aren’t so high.

An example in living.

In happiness taken; given.

In love.



Picture is by Lora Zombie called Whale LaLa





  1. I had to read that twice. Not because I didn’t understand the first time around, but because it was just a great little poem. I’ve decided you’re beyond superlatives. I’m going to need to invent words to describe how good you are. You’re simply klanimooshka! That sounds like a word a Sim might say…

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