Wait..       (Poem)

Caught smothering in a mass of grieved confusion.

I blink my eyes and gasp.

Slowing each breath until it’s deep and burning.

Waiting for it to pass.

Soft hands sweep the tears from my cheeks.

I wail in fear with pinkened face.

Reborn to a new life and point of view, different but the same.

What felt like an end has begun again, too soon.

I won’t be made to forget what’s been lost, I refuse.

My love, I will find you.



      1. I’m sure there are some sexual deviants out there who enjoy a good kick in the quim 😂
        I’m not really a limerick fan. Although the Man from Nantucket one makes me giggle. I’d like to learn how to write poetry, but honestly, for every good poem I see here on WordPress I see about ten-fifteen naff ones

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      2. I guess so. I’m really not into short ones (like three or four lines long) and those that sound like they’re trying to be really deep but have no real point. My favourite poem is Sir Walter Scott’s The Wretch. I think I told you that once before

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      3. No, that particular style of poetry perhaps wouldn’t be as appreciated in this day.
        I agree with that. I don’t like flashy and pretentious. I see far too much of it nowadays. Keep it simple and keep to a point. A poem with an aesthetic point, but a deeper one within also wins my vote. I like a double-edged sword in that respect

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      4. I like haiku’s. I used to write them a lot as posts on Facebook while I was on night shifts at the airport. It was therapeutic.
        I see poems where people seem to squeeze as many elaborate big words in as they possibly can and I immediately think “who are you trying to impress with that nonsense?” It looks like Stephen Hawking trying to write a poem or something

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      5. Erm…no. What I was going to say was that THERE’S ONLY ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU AND I’M GUNNA SPELL IT OUT FOR YA! S-A-W-F-T…SAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWFT! (So I was going to go with The Bird Is The Word after watching ‘that’ episode of Family Guy whilst typing the comment, but decided I’d go with Enzo and Cass from WWE after your warning)

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