Fickle You (Poem)

via Daily Prompt: Slur My will crumbled and whispered your name. I kept it waiting and now it has strength. Repeatedly, it's pulled from my mouth like a string. I am beyond fighting. A loathsome whimper slips past and traces my cheek in a tear. I scramble to keep it together. Lamenting a murdered hope; … Continue reading Fickle You (Poem)


Dirty Secrets (Flash Fiction)

The hierarchy of my office was strict and thoroughly understood. It went; Pete the CEO, then his mistress and sometimes secretary, Serephine. Next came three whole floors of overstressed salespeople. Then me, the invisible janitor. It's true, they all ignored my presence like I was the bastard child of Gordon Telemarketing. I hadn't had a soul at this company look me in the eye … Continue reading Dirty Secrets (Flash Fiction)

Fishing for the Bizarre Part 2/2 (Short Story)

This story could make more sense if you begin at the beginning, only a few more words before these. Part 1! of 2 .Fishing for the Bizarre  (Short Story)  "Oh, Stop your hollering." The froggy creature said while it pulled to get the snapping turtle free. Meanwhile, I had the strangest experience of looking at myself … Continue reading Fishing for the Bizarre Part 2/2 (Short Story)

A Troll Ate my Flying Seal (Poem/Dream)

I clung to the mass of the slippery white seal as it dipped and twirled through the air. Darkness rolled in, he ceased to swim and warned of trolls coming near. I slid from his back and crawled in a hole, strictly driven by fear.   Chills crawled my spine as I saw a monster inclined to destroy all in his wake. With dread, I realized my mistake and thought running the proper action … Continue reading A Troll Ate my Flying Seal (Poem/Dream)