Hairy Situation (Fictional Inner Dialog)

via Daily Prompt: Resist


I pluck one and it offers such relief. The next five come out with no conscious thought. It carries my euphoria further, just one more. That sting and snap; two more won’t be missed. Okay, I’m done for the day…

Such a hard morning it’s become, I’ll need to take a few extra. Just today, it’s an emergency of sorts. Oh dear, there’s a patch showing now. Part it over here and it’s hidden. No more, I swear… I can resist.

I cant get to sleep. The wash of pleasure when I yank three at a time helps me to relax . I’ve found the cure for insomnia. What’s a few more if I feel good and rested tomorrow.

The pillow was covered when I awoke. I can’t stop myself while I dream. Well, what is there to do about it? I begin snagging the underneath ones. Then no one will know. I don’t even need them really. It’s worth it for the peace it brings me.

When did my life become so stress filled? I wear hats now to cover the obvious patches, they can’t tell…

Nothing left to pluck.

My bliss is gone. I can’t sleep. I don’t know what to do with my hands. They search my bald head looking for a single hair to pull, but none are long enough to grab a hold of.

I stare in the mirror, what do I do now?

You know, my eyebrows are awfully bushy…



FYI: Trichotillomania is the irresistible urge to pull out ones own hair.




  1. I’m assuming by this point they’ve already rid themselves of pubes? Haha. I like the way the narrator is justifying their problem throughout. Kind of like the drug addict and their “one more hit won’t kill me” mind-set

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