Take Off – #3 The End (Short Story)

“Don’t even twitch an asshole, Dylan James Harkin! I want a good clear shot at your no good cheatin’ backside!”

I peeked up from under Dylan and saw a gorgeous blonde in a pink diner uniform. Kelly was his wife, judged by the ring shining from a finger below the trigger of the shotgun.

“Get off the bed slut and get dressed!” I quickly moved to do as she instructed, not sure just how far she planned to go with the jealous tirade. I pulled on my clothes and shoes, then rushed from the room. Dylan had made his own bed, he could deal with her. I had a feeling this wasn’t the first time Kelly had caught him.

Well there was going to be at least one first for me today, hitch hiking. Walking up to the junky Ford, I looked into the bed of the pickup. My luggage was gone. “Shit!” It wasn’t stolen, there was no one around for at least a mile. I kicked myself for leaving two bag with ten thousand in cash and much more in jewelry unattended in the back of a truck. Lust does make you stupid, I suppose. It has to be inside. Kelly must have taken it to be spiteful.

I was going back in. I opened the front door and listened, her pissed off tone could be clearly heard coming from the bedroom. The idea was to grab my stuff before she got done with Dylan and found me sneaking through her house, but it was so dark. I opened the blinds for the living room and I could see, it wasn’t in there. I closed the blinds and moved to the kitchen. While searching the pantry, I heard something in their argument that intrigued me. “It’s the end of civilization and you go and do this to me. What am I supposed to do now, Dylan.” His deep voice interrupted, “Hold your horses, what’s this about the end of civilization?”

“Oh I’m sure you didn’t hear the news. While you were busy with your whore, some country set off EMP’s above the US. Now there’s no cars, electricity, or nothing!”

“I don’t believe you Kelly, I drove my truck just fine!” I could hear the fear in his voice.

“Your truck doesn’t have any computer parts ya idiot!” Kelly had a good point. If what she said was true, it changed everything. I needed that truck. Not to mention, I’d be cut off from my overseas account. All the money I now could get to was in those bags. I wasn’t going to play nice anymore.

With the third drawer I pulled open, I found a beautifully thick, chef’s knife. From the end of the hallway I saw Kelly still standing in the door with the gun pointed at Dylan. Thick carpeting muffled my steps as I crept closer, holding firmly to the knife. I decided to go for the spine. I was no expert, but it seemed like it would maybe immobilize her quickly.

One, two, thrust! I jabbed the knife straight into her back. She screamed out, “Ahhh!”, then there was a blast from the shotgun as her finger accidentally gripped the trigger as she fell. I watched and it all unfolded perfectly. I hadn’t anticipated her shooting Dylan, but it helped solve that problem before it became one. Dylan gasped and coughed up dark blood, with a pleading look in his eyes. The many small holes bled but it was the large grouping in the center that did it. Really a shame to ruin such a sexy man, but what was I to do?

Kelly twitched on the floor as I picked Dylan’s jeans up and pulled out the keys. “Thank you!” I said cheerfully. Now all I needed was to find my belongings, and I could leave this trashy romance in the dust. I doubled back in the house and carefully searched the other two rooms, Including the closets. Still nothing. I went outside and looked around. There was a shed that leaned against the house so I checked it out. Jackpot, there they were and an extra five gallons of gas sat next them! I tossed the luggage in the cab of the truck, filled the tank with the extra fuel and headed into the house to snag what ever food I could collect. With a pillowcase, I emptied their shelves and filled a box in the bed of the pickup.

I had food, water, a truck with gas. I wracked my brain on what else I may need. The shotgun! If I had that, no one would mess with me.

Whistling, I walked down the dark hall again to retrieve the gun. The wind was knocked from my lungs in an instant.  When I tried to pull in a breath, nothing happened. Terrified, I tried again and again. Then I looked down. There was a bubbling bloody hole, much like Dylan’s in my chest. I fell over, and watched Kelly crawl towards me, dragging her legs. The last thing I heard was her mad raspy voice, “Don’t fuck with a Texas woman!”

The End



Take Off-Part 2 (Short Story)

Take Off       (Short Story)

Picture is from pintrist.



  1. I feel like such an ass – I literally started laughing, this happy grin pasted on my face, when the gun went off! I think it was the dialect of the couple that tickled me — reminds me of some people I know! Lol.
    Great story as always, K 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent, Kira. A quality story from start to finish laced with good humour and more twists than a Chubby Checker tribute act. And morally impressive. Everyone who did something bad had their comeuppance. Mum, the sock show off plane passenger, Dylan and you, you murdering, robbing, no good… sorry I’m piously getting carried away 🙂 Brilliant, well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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