Losing Grip (Poem)

That tickle against my ankle, turns warm and curls around.

Rough fingers grasp firmly to my leg, I eek a sound.

I pull away instinctively, nothing, no one, to be found.

It was all in my head.


What began as a flutter upon my thigh, grows to a touch I can’t explain or deny.

I ignore the phantom roaming fingers, bringing a twitch to the corner of my eye.

Creeping farther up the edge of my hem, I shift before it wanders too high.

It’s all in my head.


Clothes laid out, I begin to dress, when a frigid wind blows across my chest.

A gentle pinch to my breasts, I collapse with a shuddered moan I detest.

“Stop!” I cry out to nobody, “I can’t stand to be crazy, give me a rest.”

But it’s just in my head.


There is a pressure against my body, alone abed, I quiver in fear.

The bold thumps of my heart are not all that I hear, another’s breath is in my ear.

I turn a gaze to the shadows of my bed, a dip of mattress, makes it clear.

It’s not in my head.


That familiar hand, I believed was my making, wraps around my throat; choking.

Mouth gasping for air, darkness slides in deep; I battle for the control it’s taking.

I writhe while it’s hooking into the recesses of my mind,  I feel consciousness sinking.

It’s in my head.




Picture from http://www.kaifineart.com





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