Am I? (Poem)

Am I a good person?

They say it’s possible.

No I don’t feel so.

My thoughts are riotous and horrible.

If you knew what went on in here, you’d scream in terror.


Am I broken?

Some would say so.

So do I.

Cracked and misused early on; I genuinely stood no chance.

If the damage were to show on my face, children would run and cry.


Am I fixable?

It’s been offered.

Then refused.

I won’t change my personality to suit another.

Dark thoughts aside, I get along just fine.


Am I able to go on like this?

I’m told I can’t.

But I do.

Every day is another that I rule.

I didn’t give up when life wasn’t worth it, I’m sure not going to now. 


Am I a fighter?

Hell yes, and always will be. 

Even if this mutilated life is all I have, it’s mine. 

This is it.

I got this. I deserve this. I choose this.

I am a warrior!

Picture is of palazzo massimo alle terme.



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