Be Nice (Poem)

Every day, it’s spread about with sneers and ugly comments.

Opinions shared by some but ultimately the world could do without.

You recognize that ugly mess in others, but not yourself.

It’s hard to see at first.

This cycle of fear, disdain, hate, destruction…fear.

A habit, a loosing of animosity that feels like it would cut the building ire, but only creates more.

Eventually the evidence will show; a scowl carved deep in your reflection.

Hard to imagine you ever smiled and you can’t recall when last you did.

Misery breeds fast and strong from the environment your mind’s provided

Just like loathing requires construction, so does love and friendship.

Build now while you’ve got life for it, the layers of hostility will crumble away.

Speak with empathy and kindness.

Make this the day.



    1. The message I was going for was Don’t be a Dick because no one will like you, including you. And it’s never too late to be more positive. 😃
      If there’s going to be deep shit I’ll go fetch my boots. 💩Lol! Jk

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    1. I regularly deal with a few habitually negative people who love making themselves unhappy, so this was kind of me venting on it. I’m glad that it might have a positive effect in you. Although I do love your grumpy rants. Haha

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  1. Positivity is always the best bet (unless you’re supporting your local team and they have form for throwing away promising positions, then negativity isn’t so much being negative, more just preparing yourself) Anyway, another fine piece, Kira. I’ll be back for more tomorrow 🙂

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    1. I think that’s called preservation of expectations. Maybe..or I just made it up.
      I do try to stay positive especially when dealing with others and thank you for reading all this.
      I’m going to check out more of your posts when I finish my mountain of laundry.. It. Never. Ends! 😖

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      1. I hope you made giant inroads (into the laundry, haven’t you a 13 year old assistant on hand for such tasks…) I like your made up phrase, I hope you make up some more and thank you for reading having faithfully promised to do so. I pledge that same promise… 🙂

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      2. I am known to make up flashy phrases to fit my momentary needs. Haha.
        And 13yr olds aren’t as handy as you’d think. 😒 But I did finish..☺
        I do enjoy your work. Your posts are great practice for my lazy brain.

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  2. Of course THIRTeen year olds, I’ve fathered two of those in my time and they did seem to lose the ability to be useful members of the community between the ages of 3 and 22 (not including the terrible two stage, so make that 23). Poet, short story scribbler and launderer extraordinaire (if that’s the term) 🙂 And thank you. If it’s lazy it’s potential is huge 🙂

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