A Troll Ate my Flying Seal (Poem/Dream)

I clung to the mass of the slippery white seal as it dipped and twirled through the air.

Darkness rolled in, he ceased to swim and warned of trolls coming near.

I slid from his back and crawled in a hole, strictly driven by fear.


Chills crawled my spine as I saw a monster inclined to destroy all in his wake.

With dread, I realized my mistake and thought running the proper action to take.

Like a fox, I sprang from my hole and stealthily stayed to the shadow he did make.


It slobbered with the scent of my blood in his nose, steadily in pursuit of my bones.

The ground under my feet opened wide to expose a sheer tunnel of stone.

Farther and deeper I fell until I just couldn’t tell which possible way led home.


At the base of the well, a man lay in bed; I bounced off his chest to the ground.

I apologized profusely, he ignored me completely, going back to sleep safe and sound.

Within the dirt chamber, were weapons for battle, I chose the finest to be found.


Emboldened with courage I climbed a great staircase, leading to my perilous fate.

Under the sky, I was shocked to find that my beautiful flying seal had been ate.

Sword clenched in hand, I ran up and stabbed him, but my force proved inadequate.


Tossed high in the air, I gleaned the fatal error of attacking without a good plan.

I tumbled head over heels and fell into the grinding maw of the carnivorous villain.

Then I awoke because I didn’t want to know the joys of his lower intestine.


The End


Picture is from Snow White and the Huntsman

This was based on a dream I had this morning. Quite an adventure. However badly it ended.



      1. The only scary thing is when I’m half awake and half asleep. I regularly see spiders the size of a quarter running across my bed or pillow and they are not even there. Last week I saw one and I waited five seconds to make sure it was real, then picked up my pillow and smashed it because it was crawling towards my husband’s head. Turns out it was not real. He wasn’t amused. Hahaha

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      2. That’s somewhat freaky. Haha. Spiders are disgusting creatures. My mum argues that they’re good because they catch flies. My counter is that they don’t catch flies at all. They build a web and vainly hope a stupid fly flies into it. They’re nothing but damned opportunists

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      3. I am not particularly scared of spiders and here you only have to worry about the almost invisible ones that don’t even make webs. I guess because they’re desert spiders they catch their meals. In my old house there were black widows so I was never sure.
        I’ve found that if I rub my fingers together, I can tell then if I’m awake or not by the feeling. I know, it’s strange.

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  1. This is an enjoyable bit of escapism, particularly as you, like this sentence, didn’t want the colon:
    (Sorry it’s late, better comments await) 🙂

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