Circles (Poetry)

Around and around, I walk in my circle.

One foot in front of the other.

Carefully placed, no space for error.

Head tucked in quiet concentration.

I didn’t realize until it was too late.

I’ve destroyed it with an absent mind.

That thing in my path.

Guilt sways my steady forward march.

Hesitation in every precise step.

I can’t let it happen again.

Slower and slower my pace goes.

Until it goes nowhere.

A fear of failure.

A fear of moving on.

I let it bind me in place.

I can’t recall the next step.

I am stuck, frozen.

Waiting for something to shove me from behind.

To take my hand and pull me along.

Waiting to be forced back into life.



Picture is from Pintrist


      1. I was offered MDA by a couple of friends when I went to a rave at Bowlers in Manchester a couple of years ago. I trusted their stuff would be good as they aren’t mugs, but I’ve gone this long without having anything stronger than weed so I might as well keep it up

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      2. Yeah. I wouldn’t say never to acid, but it would not happen, most likely. I might like to try peyote but I’m not realy even a fan of weed. It goes on for way longer than I like. I get to a point where I’m just done with the feeling and want it to quit, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t like that part. Which is probably why I don’t do drugs. I’m a closet control freak. Haha

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      3. I am such a light weight I stick to a strict schedule of drinking for the night. It goes.
        2 beers drank quickly until buzzed and giggly.
        Then beer 3 drank slow while I dance.
        Then two waters.
        Beer number 4 drank slow and more water, more dancing.
        Then beer five if I’m not feeling sick.
        By that time it’s 2am and it’s pancake time at Denny’s.
        I down at least a liter of water before I sleep then wake up and feel like I’m only half dead.

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      4. Too much water there. Haha. I just pound as much beer/whatever I’m drinking down my neck as I can and see what goes from there. I don’t drink as much nowadays as I used to when I go out, but I’m more picky about what I drink and it’s invariably more potent than what I drank back in the day

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      5. I have to stick to beer. Beer makes my body feel giddy but my brain is good. Hard liquor affects both. And my usually quiet self just blabs whatever funny shit comes to mind. My friends think it’s hilarious because I’m witty as fuck and maybe a little mean and a lot friendly. The next morning my stomach feels like I drink straight acid too. So no to anything other than bud light or colors light now. Haha

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      6. I just like wine on its own. It’s what I usually drink while listening to my weekly radio show. I don’t need food sullying the taste. I do occasionally drink it out and about though. Usually at parties. Never on a night out though

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