Victorious Sinners. (Poem/Art)

Those that beat the devil at his game shout with dusty tears upon their face. 

A small gain of freedom in their realm but not the battle they needed won.

Tomorrow is full of punishments unknown, but this moment of respite is worth the pain. 

Now is no time to worry of later. 

This is heaven in hell.


I hope to get back to actual stories soon but I’m on an art kick so this painting/drawing is what I worked on today when I was supposed to be writing. 



      1. OMG getting paid to write… As if people got paid to get laid, right? Wait some people DO get paid to have sex.

        Why can’t I get paid to write???????

        *nervous breakdown*

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    1. Sure. 😊 The people in it have defeated the devil, left hell and are in some other nice dimension. Its not what I was thinking when I made the picture but the poem came to mind looking at it. I don’t know, its all up for translation really. Lol


  1. I don’t mind the poetry in place of fiction because it makes it easier for me to catch up when I’m far, far behind. Haha. But now I’m up to speed you may resume with the fiction 🙂 I’m sorry it’s taken me as long as it has, but from the looks of it you appear to have amassed a veritable army of supporters in the meantime. Wholly deserved and may the army continue to swell in size! The more people reading your work the better.

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      1. Speaking of Apocalypse, I’ll get to work on my next bit hopefully sometime today. We’re at crunch time in that little drama. Haha.
        I don’t think it’s crazy at all. I see blogs on here that aren’t even close to as good as yours with vast support. The amount of likes you receive still doesn’t reflect how good your work is in my opinion. I think if you put a bunch of your work into a book compilation it’d sell like hot cakes once word got around. Yes, that is a hint 😉

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      2. 😂😂😂 32 cents in the pocket is better than 0…just! I think I’ve made about the same off Dead End. Suffice to say that experiment went every bit as well as I’d suspected it would!

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      3. We gotta do what we gotta do to be seen and in this line of business we sometimes have to work our arses off for the want of physical gain. Worth it if it gets people on the bandwagon though.

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