Peeking into Humanity (Flash Fiction

“Hey Ray, What cha say?” My friend asks as he joins me at the hangout spot. It isn’t anything special, but it provides terrific views. We can see into so many different city apartments; always some sort of action going on.

I answer, “Well, the hoarder in six up-four over moved that big bundle of newspapers that was blocking our view and somehow, he’s gotten weirder.” Gordo leans forward and stares into the dark hole of an apartment. Hoarder guy is currently pulling the heads off dolls and meticulously sewing them on a sweater. To what end, we could not guess. That was the glory of hoarder guy.

Gordo shakes his head and laughs, “We’re going to see that guy on the news in Time Square soon, mark my words.”

I laugh with him, “No doubt, but have you seen crazy bunny lady lately? She’s seriously in love with that fuzzylop.”

Gordo looks away uninterested, “Yeah, that’s old news though.”

I bump him to get his attention, “No bro, she is really really into that rabbit. She sleeps with it…”

He rolls his eyes and interrupts, “So! Most people sleep with their pets.”

“It wasn’t the same thing, and get this… I saw her eat some of his pellets.” I feign a gag.

“Psh! So those are just alfalfa dude, it’s not that gross. Just weird.”

I bump him again, “No, no, man. They’d already been eaten, by the bunny. It was rabbit turds and she freakin popped them in her mouth like candy!”

Gordo’s eyes get big, “What! That’s sick man. Why you gotta tell me that stuff. I just ate you know. I’m not watching her anymore. If I see her do that…ugh. I will regurgitate a poppy muffin right here. I draw the line at watching poo eaters.”

“Suit yourself.” I let my attention wander and find my eyes peering once again into the far right, top window. My favorite one. A large parrot stares out at the city, a cry for freedom in her eyes. Sometimes she cleans her already pristine white feathers as she watches the other birds with envy. I wish every day that I could free her, but it would be a sure death. New York is no place for a tropical parrot. It’s tough surviving in the big apple, for everyone.

Gordo interrupts my revelry with a shout to Sage, a beautiful siren I grew up with and he has the major hots for. “You want to come over here and people watch with us pretty thing?” She had the ability to draw every male in the vicinity with her gorgeous eyes. Just not me.

My friend obviously needs to work on his game and is by no means smooth but she sashays up to our ledge anyway.

She stands so that I’m sandwiched between them. Gordo gives me an unwarranted glare. I shrug.

“How are you Sage? Haven’t seen you around the neighborhood lately?” I ask to be polite. I don’t think of her as anything but an old friend but Gordo is already half in love with her. I’m sure he’s just enamored with her large breasts but he’s convinced himself that he isn’t that shallow and loves all of her. Who am I to say what he feels.

She turns a bored eye to me and answers in a droning tone, “I’m up here hiding out from my ma. The old harpy’s on my back about finding someone and making a proper home for myself. Just so I can pop out some little screeching monsters. Ugh.. it’s just…I’m still young and who wants to be tied down like that anymore. Just because she’s the one suffering empty nest syndrome doesn’t mean I should rush into anything. You know?”

Craning his neck past my body, Gordy answers her. “Oh I totally agree…but if you were wanting to find a great, healthy, supporting, male role model for your little one’s , I’m free.” He is practically asking to mount her right then, the horny bastard. Sage rolls her eyes and turns to walk away, laughing.  “Well that’s my cue. See you later Ray!”

“Later!” I say over my shoulder.

I immediately turn and give my friend a disappointed look, “Dude…”

He hangs his head, “I know, but she didn’t say no…right?”

“Don’t you think she has dirty birds such as yourself coming at her enough. Try being nice, friendly even. I’m telling you, its your best chance.”

“Hell no, I’m not getting friendzoned.” He snorts his contempt at the prospect.

“Yeah because being a random asshole has gotten you so much tail.”

He comes back with, “Whatever bro, you don’t get none either.”

“Not the point man. You know what…nevermind.” I trail off in exasperation.

Gordo nudges me, “Dude! There’s a new renter in apartment three up-six over. Looks like a norm though. She’s just sitting there on a computer. What a basic boring bitch. Damn, and I was hoping for another weirdo.” He goes back to watching the hoarder but I stay with the new woman, trying to figure out her quirk. Everyone has something, most just don’t do it in front of their open windows. I wait for ten minutes and Gordo keeps miraculously silent while he scans apartments for some action. The woman moves and my breath catches slightly.

The mousey brunette stands up from a small desk to reposition a laptop in front of her and speaks to someone on the computer screen. What a beautiful smile she has. The thick framed glasses she wears are folded and placed carefully on the desk. As she pulls her hair from the bun at the nape of her neck and lets it cascade in curls past her shoulders, she dances in a mindless but incredibly sexy way.

I don’t alert Gordo; he’d just ruin it for me.

Buttons pop open and soon her bare breasts are swaying to a beat I can’t hear but follow just the same. The crisp white shirt slides to the floor as she caresses her own skin and I lean in. I know it’s wrong and feel like a sicko peering so intently through her window, but the immorality only adds to the allure.

Her skirt is kicked across the room by a creamy leg as her nude form gyrates for another on her webcam, slow and deliberate. So incredibly hot. I imagine I’m a man who is blessed enough to be able to touch her perfection. Caressing her body with an obsessiveness that borders on worship. I am depraved, but I can’t look away.

When she trails her hand down to the wetness at her center, I can feel my body responding. One hand disappears between her thighs in a quick circling rhythm, while the other tugs mercilessly at her rosy nipples. When her head drops back in ecstasy and she lets out a scream I can only hear in my mind, I can’t help the swelling that occurs.

“What the fuck are you looking at man!” Gordo shouts in my ear.

I clear my dry throat, “Ugh…uh nothing man, just some people. You know, whatever.” I fight to keep the lust from my tone.

My attention darts to her window once more and Gordo’s eagle eye catches it. “You sick motherfucker! Are you all puffed up because of that human up there?”

I shake my head vigorously. “No!..No way man, I’m not a pervert. I just saw a pigeon with, you know… like…really big breasts.” I answer with what I hope is an appropriate amount of disgust at the idea of a pigeon finding a woman sexually attractive.

“Oh, sorry Ray. I thought you were getting off on a naked woman dancing around. My bad. Hey, why don’t we go fly over to central park and shit on some tourists. I’m trying to beat my record from last week, twelve remember?” I nod and let out a breath. I’m so glad my friend isn’t a smarter pigeon. I would be ostracized from the flock if my strange desires are ever found out.

I drop off the ledge and fly towards the park with Gordo in tow. But I’ll be back to see my forbidden brown-eyed beauty.

The End


Picture was found here. I did mess with the color though.




  1. You have no idea of the fit of laughter I broke into when you revealed they were pigeons! I knew a twist was coming because it’s you and twisting is what you do, but I definitely didn’t anticipate what the twist would be. Absolutely brilliant. I’m gutted I can’t read this for the first time again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I walk my son to the bus there’s always birds on the lampposts squawking to each other and I wondered what they talk about. This story was born of that curiosity.
      So thanks.😆 Im glad my sneaky plan worked! Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I envy the fact you get to carry/use firearms. I want a sidearm to tuck into the waistband of my jeans so that I can move my shirt back to display it when people are rubbing me up the wrong way. Much like that guy in Get Shorty does, except he does it to a guy who actually has a gun in his hand then ends up getting shot. Haha. Fail!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha I was just going to say, that in real life doing that will get your ass shot or arrested. Az is open carry, so you don’t even touch your gun unless you feel your life is in serious danger.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, it would, but it’d be funny up until that point. Guns are stupid things really. We should get rid of the lot and return to the days of sword, spear and shield. See how manly these pricks who use guns really are.


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