Just Another Apocalypse Diary Day 14(Short Story Series)

I am in love. The man made me pancakes and powdered eggs for breakfast this morning. I haven’t been pampered like that for almost a year. It reminds me that it’s been almost a year for a lot of things.

To be truthful, Ian actually made the big breakfast for Bob but I suppose his politeness spilled over in my direction. Speaking of Bob, I think the antibiotics are working already because the old man’s fever is gone and he seems almost spry. I’m told that it could be weeks before he gets back to normal though. Looks like we’ll be camping out here for a while.

I had a private chat with Ian about the camp and it doesn’t sound good for Tim and Brittany. He said that he scoped it out a month ago to see what kind of threat they may pose to the area and the descriptor was “Hell Hole”. The group that claimed and cleared the Soledad prison have made it a labor camp. So sometime in the future we’re going to need a plan to get Tim out. Not Brit though, I’m not making the mistake of saving her ass twice. She could stand to learn some work ethic. That’s if they haven’t killed her for her stupidity yet, one can hope.

Right this minute, I am sprawled across the king sized bed in the master bedroom writing in my diary like a schoolgirl. I genuinely miss having a large cushy mattresses to bounce into every night. I take advantage of them whenever possible. Jim meowed his agreement. I guess it’s happened; I’m one of those crazy ladies that talks to their cat.

I left off my manstache today because everyone here already knows I’m a woman. I also found the cutest thermal shirt in the homeowners closet. It’s one size too small, but I doubt anyone will care. It goes with the designer jeans I found in the second drawer. Just so you know, I draw the line at wearing other people undies. I don’t need herpes in this day and age. If you can even get it that way, I don’t know. Either way, no thanks!

Ian just came in wearing a half buttoned red flannel with his dark chest hair peeking at me. I played it cool at first.

I said, “What’s up?” as I looked up at the doorway. His eyes are elsewhere on my body and they jerk over to my face. All through our mundane planning, he struggles to keep his attention on my eyes. I am aware of his problem because I am fighting to not eye fuck him while he’s leaning, ever so casually against the door jam and doing his sexy one sided smile. Those dimples of his too. I want to kiss them, amongst other things. He waves and leaves to do something… I missed the last half of what he said while I was lost in lustyland. I need to get laid. This is ridiculous.

Thinking about it, I feel like I have regained a super power or something. The ability to fluster a hot male with a single smile. I’m all red and giggly myself but it is nice to be sexy again for someone I actually want to attract. Because I do. I want to draw him in like a zombie horde to a screaming idiot. Ok bad analogy. But you get me. 

During our short conversation I made plans with him to go to the hot springs in a couple days. That’s if Bob continues to do well. Tonight we are going on a run to scavenge food for our longer stay. Fingers crossed, that the prison camp hasn’t taken everything. While we’re gone, we (look at me using “we” all over the place) are going to pull the armoire in front of the closet door and hide Bob away, in case someone comes snooping. Don’t worry we left him a hatchet so he can break through the dry wall and escape if we both die. In the meantime, he’ll be safe enough.

Also I noticed this morning that there’s a high density of plaugers wandering around. Groups of maybe twenty that can be a problem if you’re caught with no out. You just can’t fight off a herd that size without some kind of major damage. It might provide a little fun and practice to shoot them down from a tree. I just need to keep an eye out for more metal shot while were rummaging through town. I could use rocks, but they just don’t have the same speed and damage. I don’t want to be stuck up a tree with nothing but a bunch of rocks that can’t do the job. It seems like a waste of shot though, I did have the disgusting idea of retrieving them after, but it’d require a really strong magnet. Maybe…

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long harrowing night, so this is all for today. Wish me luck on my hopefully budding romance, scavenging, and living to see tomorrow.

Note to self- Find condoms (As Gran used to say “Better to have em and not need em, then need em and not have em!” she was talking about high heels but whatever.)

More to come…..


Paul E. Bailey, a great blogging writer, has created a sister story to this Apocalypse Diary. It’s written in a different style and in a different place but these stories share time and Zombie population. Please give his awesome story a read and continue to follow the character’s adventures! Thank you.😊 Click me!!!



Picture is from Pintrist 


  1. Check out Gabe lookina get herself some sex. What a harlot. Haha. In all seriousness, maybe a good lay will see her mind more clear to fight the badness that’s out there in the world. I like that this new dimension has been added to the story and very glad it’s not Tim she’s gonna get have her way with. The dick!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Have is awesome. And she’s finally truly warmed up to Jim. I do love cats, but as long as they aren’t mine. Litter boxes and the smell are the worst. At least Jim does her thing outside. I really like this Ian guy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same about cats. I pet my neighbors kitty and leave it at that. They are awesome cuddlers, but nasty to clean up after and I can barely keep up with the hair from my two dogs. Lol
      I also like Ian, if you want a mental pic, he looks like Ian Somerhalder from vampire diaries. I’m a sucker for a pair of beautiful eyes. 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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