Self Serving Lucidity (Poem)

My eyes slide shut and follow the dancing colorful shapes as consciousness floats into the reality of dreams.
Instantly aware of the hissing silence and nothingness. I create and am rewarded.
Trembles begin along the edges of the dark space that caresses my skin.

A fingertip drags across my lips; so lightly, tingling. From behind I am warmed by strong arms that linger. I push back, craving more of that tasted ecstasy. But I’ve wished too hard and they’ve gone.

Determined and calm, I start at the beginning. A dimple in the top of a muscled shoulder, pulling back the darkness to reveal a rounded bicep, then shoulder blade. Like peeling a statue from its mold, he takes form while the dream world encourages my intentions. Soon a torso, then thick thighs and calves. All but his face is free of shadows.

I leave him an emotionless blot, not able to judge or reject. I realize, even unconsciously there are walls in place. The smoothness of his skin as I trace his rib lets me forget my cowardice.

All my imperfection presses to his godly form and so begins our slow writhing dance. The closeness and the tickling happiness is much like the first unexpected orgasm; a magic of heart stopping, emotional depth.

We are everywhere and nowhere, because nothing but the mind shattering bliss is important. I can only cling to this manifested body of pleasure and sap all that I can from the experience.

The sensation builds with no extra effort, just the excitement of an absolute freedom to feel. A crescendo that claws it way ever higher until the crashing end is something craved and mourned. One more second…

The alarm.


Picture is from Pintrist.


    1. Thank you, my alarm is usually in the form of a child yelling “Mom! I can’t find [_?__]!” From another room. There’s no snooze for children. Well there is… but the state says it’s illegal. Haha totally kidding!😜

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  1. FILTH! Haha. You seem to be able to write about carnal experiences with consummate ease. It’s something I’ve always struggled with. I feel when I write about sex it either comes across as crass or really, really amateurish. Hence why I don’t explain sex scenes in any stories anymore. Haha.
    Should I be concerned as to your absence of late? I do hope it’s just a break. Many of us appear to be taking them recently. I shall be following suit myself once Find Me a Find has concluded. Hope you’re okay anyway. 🙂

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    1. I am doing well and yes just taking an unplanned break. It is spring and I can’t seem to keep myself sat at a table. There’s gardening and outside things to do before it becomes too hot to do so. I also just feel like I’d be forcing myself to write and I don’t want to do that. Summer is just around the corner and I will be stuck inside soon enough. Lol
      My strange sex dream poem is a bit filthy. Thanks though. Haha

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      1. I can certainly understand why that would be the case. It’s not like you’re getting paid to post on your blog so you gotta do what you feel like doing, especially if you feel writing is too much of a chore right now. I’ll be taking a break too once Find Me a Find is concluded. I need a bit of time away from blogging, though not writing itself.
        Sometimes you gotta roll with the filth!

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