Unstable Inspiration (Poem)

This pen I chase is an evil saint, ducking and running while I flounder in guilt; blank.

Only when I surrender hope of inspired genius does it tempt and slide right into my hand; words flow easily, mistakenly unending.

Emotion runs dry and it rolls away disinterested; callous with my fragile confidence.

I await the day we find compromise in this shared love of creative ink and tale to settle this war we wage; come to terms with our codependency.



Picture is one I took and edited on my phone. Lol

Sorry about the long pauses between writings. I am coming around, I promise.☺


  1. Oh thank goodness! I was wondering where you’ve been… thought about emailing you to make sure you weren’t dead lol… I also actually checked to make sure I didn’t accidentally unfollow you when I cleaned up my reader some weeks ago since you hadn’t been popping up in my feed! …Phew! 🙂

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    1. I’m a flake lately. Thank you for caring if I disappeared. I just lost all want to digitally socialize and write for a little while. Ive got the itch again so..here I am. Im glad you didn’t just write me off. I would be sad if ya did. 😁

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