Prom Party Part 2 (Horror Story)

Prom Party Part 1 <-- click here to begin at the begining. 😁 "Help! Who is that?" Victor calls out.   When he sees the round face and large glasses of Nelly Stenkler come into the light, he fights back a sob of relief.  "It's Nelly. What's going on, are you okay?" she asks as she moves closer. Her wide … Continue reading Prom Party Part 2 (Horror Story)


Just Another Apocalypse Diary Day 15 (Short Story Series)

Last night didn't prove to be especially romantic for me. We spent a crazy amount of time just breaking into, and clearing houses that were already stripped bare of food. Not to mention, at an especially thick area of the canyon, during the beginning of our trip, I was forced to knife a teen-plaguer who surprised me by jumping out from a hollowed … Continue reading Just Another Apocalypse Diary Day 15 (Short Story Series)